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To Be Published: Archaic State Interactions

Department of Sociology/Anthropology News


Archaic State Interaction: The Eastern Mediterranean in the Bronze Age was contributed to and co-edited by Dr. Michael Galaty, Professor of Anthropology and SOAN Department Chair at Millsaps, and Dr. William Parkinson of the Field Museum in Chicago.  The book presents papers originally prepared for an Advanced Seminar chaired by Galaty and Parkinson at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2007.  It will be published in April by SAR Press.

This book was written in response to the decline of theoretical development concerning the interactions between early state societies.  By focusing more on the interactions between states rather than how they evolved, an anthropological model was formed to help us understand not only how ancient states interacted with one another but also how they interacted with other societies of differing political organization and economic systems.

 By taking this different approach to the issue of theoretical development, the authors of Archaic State Interaction have created a new way to view the social interactions between ancient states that will be useful to anthropologists who are researching connections between social processes occurring on differing geographical scales and across different temporal durations.  

Other contributors to the book include, John Cherry, Eric Cline, P. Nick Kardulias, Robert Schon, Susan Sherratt, Helena Tomas, and David Wengrow. 

 A PDF of an order form is available here