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Dr. Bey Featured in USA Today

Dr. George Bey, Associate Dean of International Education and anthropology professor at Millsaps, was recently featured in USA Today for his research in Kiuic. Dr. Bey has been working in Kiuic since 2000, and recently he and his colleagues have found evidence suggesting that the Maya people left their homes in a hurry. USA Today went to Kiuic to speak with Dr. Bey and his colleagues about the recent finds.

In the interview with USA Today, Dr. Bey says, "The main thing that is important about our discoveries at Kiuic are that we are finding the actual remains of people's households indicating that they left in a hurry but not so fast they just dropped everything and ran. Thus it suggests that whatever caused them to leave was pressing but not so much they left in terror. Also, the evidence suggests that whatever caused them to leave was such that they thought they would be able to return."

Dr. Bey addresses many more questions about Kiuic and the rapid departure from the site in the interview. He goes on to explain the possible causes of the Maya abandonment of the Puuc as well as where the people went and why they did not return. He notes that though "Kiuic is just one of many sites," says Bey. "What's important is the research there. What we are learning at Kiuic is crucial for a rethinking about the rise and fall of the Maya civilization in this part of the world."

As there are still some questions that remain unanswered, Dr. Bey and his team from Mexico and Millsaps plans to continue research and excavation in the area for many years.

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