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Students Attend A-MSA Conference

Every February, the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association (A-MSA) holds its annual conference in order to share and promote sociological knowledge and research.  This year, four students -Zachary Davis, Pamela Jackson, Janice Okeke, and Nile Patterson -presented their papers at the conference.  The research papers presented were written for SOAN 3220: Class, Gender, and Race and SOAN 4910: Senior Seminar in Sociology. 

This year, Zachary Davis won the Undergraduate Paper Competition at the conference.  Zach is a senior Public Management major with minors in both Economics and Political Science.  His paper, "Stimulating the Divide: A sociological examination of minorities and the American Recovery Reinvestment Act," evalutates the 2009 stimulus package and its effect on the minority community. 

Pamela Jackson's paper is titled "Welfare, good or not-so-good a policy."  Pamela is a senior Sociology major. 

Janice Okeke is a junior Biology major, Sociology minor. Her paper is titled "A persistent income gap: the causes and consequences of the income gap between blacks and whites."

Nile Patterson's paper, "The future of the middle class," focuses on the decline of the middle class.  He explores how the American middle-class rose after World War II and how it has fallen since capitalism has reached a global scale.  Nile will be graduating this spring with an English major and Sociology minor.