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Student Presents at Pop-Culture Conference


Phillip Boyett, a senior Anthropology major, will be presenting his Honors Project on Disney and American Culture in the Yucatán at the Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association conference this April in Boston.

His paper, "Mickey Mouse Conquistador: Disney's Ambivalent Conquest of Yucatán," focuses on the presence of American culture, specifically Disney, in Oxkutzcab, Yucatán. Phillip participated in the Millsaps semester abroad program in the Yucatán during the Spring of 2011, which was the beginning of his research. He also went with Dr. George Bey on a six-week archaeological course over the summer of 2011 .

When asked about his presentation at the conference, Phillip said, "This will be my first time presenting to a large crowd of very smart individuals; I hope I don't slip up and say something just completely wrong out of nervousness. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of other great presentations of papers from such an interesting topic!"