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Summer Program in Tanzania

Dr. Julian Murchison will be taking students to Tanzania again in the summer of 2011.  Dr. Murchison has been conducting ethnographic research in Tanzania for the past decade.  This will be the third time that he has led the Millsaps summer program in Tanzania with Millsaps students.
The program is designed to give students an ethnographic look at everyday Tanzanian life.  In preparation for the trip, students will have the opportunity to take a four-hour class on the ethnography of East Africa in the spring and to take two hours of 'Survival Swahili'.  Students participating in the program will spend close to four weeks in Tanzania.  Time will be split between coastal Tanzania and the Southern Highlands with the bulk of the time spent in the southern region, where students will experience home stays in Tanzanian households.  
Home stays are clearly a highlight of the program.  Students have the opportunity to practice their Swahili and learn about various facets of Tanzanian culture firsthand.  When asked about her experience in Tanzania in 2009, Lauren Porter, a junior and anthropology major, said, "Doing everyday chores and being outside everyday was the best. Being allowed into a family's life was very special to me." 

The total price of this trip, excluding airfare and personal expenses, is $3,850 and students are encouraged to apply for a Robinson Scholarship to help with this cost. Contact Dr. Julian Murchison for more information.