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Swedish Student Calls Millsaps Home

Millsaps is pleased to welcome Nicole Gylemo, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden. Nicole is currently working on attaining her Master's in Gender Studies from Södertörn College, which is just outside of Stockholm. She received her B.A. from Södertörn in 2009, and this is her third semester of graduate school.

Nicole was encouraged by counselors at her school to study abroad and chose to come to America for her study abroad experience. Though she had been to the country before, she had never been to the South. So, once she decided to attend a school in the south it was simply a matter of finding a small liberal arts college. This is where Millsaps comes into the picture.

Nervous about college life in a different country, Nicole wanted a smaller school so she wouldn't get lost in the crowd. But Nicole has managed to fit in like any other student: she lives on campus, takes sixteen credit hours, and has made plenty of friends. Anyone who's met Nicole knows that she had nothing to be nervous about.

When asked how life at Millsaps compares to her experience at Södertörn, Nicole said, "It's like rehab. You can't live on campus at Södertörn, so it's like a job. But here the only stress in your life is school. My only focus is school, and I like that." Though the class schedule here is quite different from that in Sweden (with four classes at once for a semester instead of just one at a time for five weeks), Nicole is enjoying her time here. "The people were very nice and welcoming," she said.

Though it was Nicole's original plan to remain at Millsaps for only one semester, she is now contemplating staying for the rest of the academic year. She would continue as a full-time student as well as conduct field research for her thesis on domestic violence at the women's shelter in Mid-Town.