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The REAL Greek Week


The Millsaps Department of Classical Studies invites everyone to attend The REAL Greek Week, a week-long celebration of all things Greek! The REAL Greek Week will include a talk by Dr. Joe Rife on the archaeology of a Roman port, a demonstration of Greek military formations in the Bowl, and a folk-song based on Homer's Odyssey performed by Joe Goodkin.

The REAL Greek Week kicks off September 27 with "Besieging the Bowl," a demonstration of Greek military tactics performed by fifty Millsaps students in the Bowl, which will be followed by a showing of the movie 300 at 7 PM in AC 215. A modern rock opera of the Odyssey by Joe Goodkin will be performed in the Recital Hall on Wednesday, September 28 at 7PM. The final event, a lecture on the funerary practices of the Greeks living under the Roman Empire in the port city of Corinth, "The Quick and the Dead," will be given by Dr. Joe Rife at 4 PM in AC 215.

"We hope that The REAL Greek Week will showcase the number of programs at Millsaps that interact in some way with ancient Greece and how the study of the ancient world has something to offer to everyone," said Dr. David Yates, assistant professor of Classical Studies.

Supported in part by the Central MS Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America, the Millsaps College Department of Sociology-Anthropology, European Studies Program, Office of International Education, Divisions of Arts and Letters, Division of Sciences and the Heritage Program, The REAL Greek Week promises educate as well as entertain.