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Millsaps College is ranked as one of the best semester abroad programs in the country!

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Millsaps Study Abroad Program Vision Statement

Study Abroad at Millsaps College provides students with a powerful tool for understanding and appreciating our complex world. Because Study Abroad is crucial to undergraduate and graduate education, we encourage all students to consider participating fully in the Millsaps experience by taking advantage of the many Study Abroad opportunities available.


Abroad 101

Millsaps has partnered with Abroad101, the leading study abroad evaluation tool and review website. Check out to see study abroad program reviews from students all across the country (including our very own Millsaps students!). You can search by country, city, provider, Millsaps pre-approved programs, etc. 

Important: You must meet with an OIE (Office of International Education) staff member before proceeding with program selection and beginning the application process for any semester- or year-long non-Millsaps program!

We recommend that students contact the OIE as much as a year in advance of the intended time of departure, for assistance in planning and program selection. 

Office of International Education (OIE)
Millsaps College
Sullivan-Harrell Hall 248
Dr. George J. Bey 
Associate Dean of International Education
Ms. Tanya Newkirk
Associate Director of International Education 
Dr. Robert J. Kahn
Sr. Consultant for International Education


Selecting and Planning for a Study Abroad Program

Millsaps College supports study abroad for its students and encourages them to start early with their plans. Millsaps sponsors summer programs taught by Millsaps professors abroad. You may also select from the many accredited programs sponsored by other institutions.

In selecting a program, some things to consider are:

  • What are your main reasons for wanting to study abroad?
  • Do you want to go abroad for a summer, a semester or a year?
  • Do you want to be with other Millsaps students or other Americans?
  • Where do you want to study?
  • Do you want to live with a family, in a dorm, or in an apartment in town?
  • Do you have the language skills which will allow you to take classes along with native speakers?
  • What kind of courses are you looking for? Do you need them to satisfy Millsaps requirements? major requirements?
  • What are the program costs? Will you be able to use some of your financial aid abroad?
  • Does the program you are interested in provide financial aid?

Once you have narrowed down the field of possibilities, think about the kinds of courses you will take and how they will fit into your overall plan. You should gather as much information about the potential courses as you can get, including course descriptions, syllabi, and reading lists. For courses you wish to substitute for Millsaps College courses, it will be necessary to have the department chair sign a course substitution form, which you can get from the International Student & Scholar Programs Coordinator. Be sure that you have these signatures BEFORE you go abroad.

You should begin this planning a year in advance of departure. It is even better to include this as part of your overall study plan when you enter Millsaps as a freshman. If you start soon enough, you can be sure you will find the program you need and you will have time to do the necessary paperwork in advance to ensure a smooth transition.


Living in Yucatán

Research and Learning at Millsaps Yucatán Reserve

About | Kaxil Kiuic: Education Through Preservation | Our Vision | Links


Dr. George Bey - Living in YucatanMillsaps College (and its non-profit organization Kaxil Kiuic) supports and operates a 4,500 acre tropical forest biocultural reserve in the heart of the Yucatán peninsula. The Millsaps College Biocultural Reserve with its incredible biological and archaeological resources serves as a center for our Living In Yucatán Program, which offers courses in the study of archaeology, business, ecology, education, geology, history, literature, and socio-cultural anthropology. Courses alternate by year so check the College Catalog for current year offerings. Students may return to Yucatán to take additional courses and may decide to participate in the ongoing archaeological and natural science research going on at the Reserve.

The Reserve consists of an off-the-grid Research and Learning Center, a laboratory and research facility in the nearby Maya town of Oxkutzcab and the new Center for Business and Culture, a dormitory-classroom facility in Merida developed by the Else School of Management. While at Millsaps College take advantage of our Study Abroad opportunities by taking a course in the Living in Yucatán Program and/or doing research or an internship in a wide variety of fields at one of our facilities. Contact George Bey if you have any questions.

Take a tour of the opportunities for Millsaps students in Yucatán.



Our Vision: A Reservation Without Boundaries


Yucatan RuinsIn developing countries scholars as well as economic, civic, and government leaders face two critical challenges. The first concerns how to explore the archaeological treasures of great civilizations without doing damage to current and future material culture and living communities. The second concerns how to promote archaeological research and educational tourism in a way that protects fragile ecosystems from unplanned urban and rural development. While internationally there is a growing consensus about these threats to both living communities and ecological treasures, to date few models have been developed or tested to meet this challenge. A new model is needed before these cultural assets are destroyed beyond the ability of countries to study, preserve, and restore them.

At Millsaps, we believe that in order to cultivate the intellectual and psychological stamina that today's leadership demands, two conditions must be met: (1) students must become deeply engaged in a particular challenge that is relevant and meaningful to them (2) students must be placed in complex, demanding situations which they have not encountered before. In this environment, students can discover what they are made of, dig deeply into themselves, and reflect on their life experiences and studies in a larger context. Here too, while there is significant consensus that these competencies are needed, there is a remarkable shortage of experiences specifically designed to cultivate these skills in undergraduate students.

Yucatan RuinsThe Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve and the major archaeological site on the reserve will help address both challenges by providing an opportunity to preserve, manage, and conduct cutting-edge interdisciplinary research at an archaeological site of an endangered ecosystem. The reserve will provide unusual opportunities for interdisciplinary study in archaeological, environmental, and cultural inquiry as well as varied educational and community partnerships.

The reserve will address the challenge of pursuing archaeological research while protecting current ecosystems and living communities by removing the traditional boundaries of biological, geological, historical archaeological, and social science research and creating innovative community partnerships. While faculty and students will be deeply involved in this initiative, ultimately this program is designed to model a community of learners made up of local civic, cultural, and educational leadership who are committed to addressing complex cultural and ecological issues.

By integrating archaeology, cultural preservation, and ecology, the reserve will create a new concept of conservation, tourism, and economic development from which students, scholars and local communities will benefit.


Yucatan RuinsKaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve
A Mexican conservation organization

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