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Else School Study Abroad


Millsaps College | Study AbroadMillsaps College offers a unique opportunity to travel and study business internationally. Over a long summer session, our European Business Program offers students an opportunity to travel, study, and live with professors from Millsaps College in at least three European cities (currently London, Munich and Florence), each with its distinctive culture and business practices. During the winter inter-session, we offer an intense course that requires students to travel and live in Latin America for at least a two-week period.

In London, we stay in Carr Saunders Dorm, a dorm of the London School of Economics and study in the John Maynard Keynes classroom building at Birkbeck College. Both facilities are located in the Bloomsbury area of London. The open-air cafés, street entertainers, stylish shops and markets make this area one of the city's liveliest districts.

We spend our mornings Monday through Thursday in the classroom learning about the international practice of business. The primary focus is on the implications of culture and history on the practice of international business. In the afternoons (Monday through Thursday) we visit world-class businesses such as Lloyd's of London, Saatchi and Saatchi, and the Bank of England.

While in Munich, we stay at the Hotel Pension Flora. This is a family owned hotel located near the city center. It is in easy walking distance of the main train station and many of the major attractions of the city (including most of the city's famous beer gardens). In Munich, we have classes in the morning at the Munchner Technologie Center, and in the afternoons, we visit business such as BMW's Research and Development Center, Siemens International Headquarters and the European Patent Office.

While in Florence, we stay at the Hotel San Giorgio. This is a four-star hotel located close to center city, within easy walking distance to the main train station and most major attractions. During the mornings in Florence, we study at the Accademia Italiana, and in the afternoons, we have guest speakers from the fashion industry. We also do a field trip to a working vineyard and winery.

In the Latin America Program, students begin their study in the region at the Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve at Kiuic. This part of the program is designed to give students an understanding of the most basic forms of economic activity (subsistence farming, hunting, and logging) and, in part, to let them see the remnants of the colonial hacienda economic model. From there, the program moves to the modern city of Merida, Mexico, where students study the industrial development of that city. Finally, the program goes to the Playa Del Carmen/Cancun area, where we study the evolution of the tourist business and its impact on the country. This model allows students to see the development of an emerging modern economy one layer at a time.

These are possibly the richest, most life-changing educational opportunities we offer our students at Millsaps College. Study abroad programs provide students with a full understanding of the complexities created by the interconnectedness of the world in which we live. Studying in an international environment forces students to think critically about where they stand in relation to the world around them.

Millsaps College | Study Abroad

By living and studying abroad for an extended period of time - even if it is only a summer - students learn to understand the nature of culture and identify the dimensions of culture. They learn to identify differences and similarities between cultures, and explore the questions of why differences exist. Through international travel, students are able to shift their culture perspective by making non-evaluative descriptions of events and connections between these events. This allows students to create a context to understand others better, and analyze why they think and act as they do. This understanding is essential for anyone who will be responsible for managing a multicultural workforce.

Finally, study abroad programs build confidence. Typically, after one has lived and traveled in a foreign country, they are less apprehensive when it comes to facing and dealing with uncertain situations at home. These students have expanded their horizons beyond knowing what is possible in the state of Mississippi and the United States to imagining what might be possible in any setting. This experience helps them realize the benefits of living, working and conducting business with an understanding of the world beyond their own.


Summer Session - Europe
International Lessons in Leadership (MGMT 4750/600)
Global Issues in Management (MGMT 4750/600)

  • $6300 for two undergraduate courses (8 credit hours)
  • $3975 for one undergraduate course (4 credit hours)
  • $6400 for two graduate courses (6 credit hours)
  • $4150 for one graduate course (3 credit hours)
  • Does not include airfare to and from Europe
  • Dr. Jesse Beeler (beelejd@millsaps.edu)


Winter Intersession - Latin America
Global Business in Latin America (MGMT 2000 and EBUS 600)

Millsaps College | Study AbroadDuring the winter intersession the Else School of Management offers an intense course that requires students to travel and live in Yucatan for a two-week period. This course allows students to assess and understand geographic, environmental, economic, social-cultural, political and legal factors that impact the business environment of Latin America, through formal classroom instruction and experiential learning opportunities.

  • $3950 plus airfare to and from Mexico and personal expenses
  • 4 undergraduate/3 graduate credit hours
  • Dr. Jesse Beeler (beelejd@millsaps.edu)