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Millsaps College is ranked as one of the best semester abroad programs in the country - find out more!

Millsaps College Study Abroad Programs
Millsaps Study Abroad Programs Brochure

A valid passport and sturdy luggage are great things to have at Millsaps, where more than 40 percent of students spend time abroad. Our unique study abroad programs are designed by Millsaps faculty to meet the needs and interests of Millsaps students, while also fulfilling credit hours within a variety of disciplines.

From religious research in Israel to cultural studies in Tanzania to language classes in France, study abroad provides students with a powerful tool for understanding and appreciating our complex world. Millsaps also participates in semester and year-long direct exchange programs, currently in Albania, Japan, Liechtenstein, and Northern Ireland.

Millsaps operates a 4,000 acre tropical forest biocultural reserve in the heart of the Yucatán peninsula. Our Living in Yucatán program offers courses in the study of archaeology, business, ecology, education, geology, history, literature, and sociocultural anthropology.

For a full list of Study Abroad opportunities and course descriptions (not to mention dozens of spectacular photos), check out the Millsaps Study Abroad Programs Brochure.


Millsaps has partnered with Abroad101, the leading study abroad evaluation tool and review website. Check out www.studyabroad101.com to see study abroad program reviews from students all across the country (including our very own Millsaps students!). You can search by country, city, provider, Millsaps pre-approved programs, etc.
IMPORTANT: You MUST meet with an OIE (Office of International Education) staff member before proceeding with program selection and beginning the application process for any semester- or year-long non-Millsaps program!

We recommend that students contact the OIE as much as a year in advance of the intended time of departure, for assistance in planning and program selection.
Office of International Education (OIE)
Millsaps College
Sullivan-Harrell Hall 248
Dr. George J. Bey
Associate Dean of International Education
Ms. Tanya Newkirk
Associate Director of International Education
Dr. Robert J. Kahn
Sr. Consultant for International Education


Watch the full 30-minute Kaxil Kiuic video on YouTube

The Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve with its incredible biological and archaeological resources serves as a center for our Living In Yucatán Program, which offers courses in the study of archaeology, business, ecology, education, geology, history, literature, and socio-cultural anthropology. Learn more at www.kiuic.org.


Millsaps Yucatan Programs Featured in National Publication
The wide range of study abroad and research options that Millsaps College offers on the Yucatán Peninsula recently drew the attention of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Latin America correspondent Marion Lloyd wrote a story that appeared in the publication's March 13, 2011 online edition and March 18, 2011 print edition.


Millsaps Archaeologists Find New Clues Why the Maya Left
By Dan Vergano, USA TODAY

"Explored for centuries, the renowned ruins of the Yucatan's 'Puuc' foothills long seemed late-blooming flowers of the ancient civilization. But archaeologists have recently discovered sites such as Xocnaceh that reveal a deeper history of the region. And at Kiuic, half-built palaces and forgotten burial sites point to a rapid abandonment that offers clues to the collapse of the classic Maya."

Includes transcript of public chat Q&A with Millsaps professor George Bey


Take a virtual tour of Casa Millsaps in Merida, where many study abroad students reside while studying in Yucatan, Mexico. The house may be rented by groups and other educational institutions. For more information on Casa Millsaps, contact Harvey Fiser.

Make the most of your Millsaps experience by participating in one or more of these programs while at Millsaps College. Some courses are offered annually and others alternate every other year. If you have any questions, contact the faculty member listed for the particular course.

  • Spring Semester in Yucatán
  • Living in Yucatán
  • Biology in the Galápagos
  • Poetry, Painting, and Paris
  • Archaeology in Israel
  • African Studies Abroad
  • Else School Study Abroad
  • European Arts and Sciences
  • Adventure in Costa Rica
  • Summer Spanish Immersion
  • French in France
  • Summer in China
  • Student Teaching Abroad
  • Classical Studies Abroad