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Millsaps Writing Center

Writing Program

John Stone House, Millsaps College

Writing is a conversation.

Writing is a central component of the academic lives of students and faculty at Millsaps College, and engaging in conversation about one's writing is an essential step in the writing process.  The Millsaps Writing Center is here to engage writers in conversation that illuminates the writing process and stimulates idea generation and critical thinking.

The Writing Center is located in John Stone Hall, next to Reuben's.

Some of the most frequently discussed topics during sessions with a Writing Center tutor include:

  • Brainstorming and exploring the writer's ideas;
  • Developing and supporting a thesis claim;
  • Organizing ideas and transitions into clear and logically ordered paragraphs and sentences;
  • Navigating the research process;
  • Revising, and sometimes re-envisioning, a piece of writing;
  • Identifying and addressing patterns of error in grammar and mechanics;
  • Overcoming "writers block"; and
  • Eschewing obfuscation

The Writing Center is for everyone.

The Millsaps Writing Center serves all writers in the Millsaps Community.  Our tutors are eager to work with writers at all stages in the writing process and of all writing levels and abilities.  From your first essay to your senior seminar project, a conversation with a Writing Center tutor can help writers reach their goals, refine their ideas, and develop helpful writing habits.

The Writing Center is for all kinds of writing.

In addition to academic writing such as essays, research papers, lab reports, and project proposals, writers are encouraged to bring any text they are working on to the Writing Center for feedback and conversation.  These texts might include cover letters, personal statements, resumes, memos, Power Point slides, or oral presentations.

Hours and Locations:

John Stone Hall - 102A


Tuesday and Thursday

Library- Room 204 & 205


Writing Center Workshops:

Throughout the academic year, the Writing Center offers workshops on a variety of topics, some of which may include:

  • Developing a thesis statement;
  • Writing research papers;
  • Conducting ethnographic research;
  • Incorporating documentation (i.e., paraphrasing, summarizing, and directly quoting source material);
  • Employing citation styles such as MLA, APA, and Chicago;
  • Identifying grammatical patters of error (e.g. tips for comma usage);
  • Taking essay exams;
  • Preparing for the written portions of standardized tests;
  • Writing self-assessments;
  • Developing the Writing Portfolio;
  • Writing in various occupations; and
  • Writing personal statements

Core 1 Students:

Each fall, students enrolled in Core 1 (IDST 1000/1050) are required to have two contacts with the Millsaps Writing Center.  This requirement may be fulfilled by attending two sessions with a Writing Center tutor, or by attending one session with a Writing Center tutor and on Writing Center workshop. 


The Writing Center can come to you! If you wold like to schedule one of our tutors to deliver a workshop during one of your class meetings, contact Writing Center Coordinator Liz Egan to discuss your workshop needs and schedule the classroom visit.  We can provide workshops on any of the topics listed above, or we can work with  you to develop a workshop tailored to your needs.

The Writing Center also periodically hosts workshops for faculty.  If you are interested in learning more about faculty workshops or are interested in suggesting a topic for faculty workshops, contact Writing Center Coordinator Liz Egan.


Walk ins are welcome! Or you can make an appointments can be scheduled by calling 601-974-1326 or by emailing Maegan Sayles.

To contact the Writing Center Coordinator Liz Egan, call 601-974-1308 or email eganee@millsaps.edu.  Or, visit her during her office hours at John Stone Hall 101A.


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