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Textbook Buy-Backs


During the final test week of each semester, the Millsaps Bookstore conducts a major buy-back of text books used from previous semesters. A student can get as much as half of the original purchase price, but this depends on several factors:

  • Is the book being used next semester?
  • How many copies of the book will be needed for the new students?
  • How early do you plan to sell your books?

Millsaps Bookstore works on a first-come-first-served basis, so the sooner you sell your books the more money you are likely to receive for them. However, remember that due to the fluid nature of book prices and possible changes by instructors, any quotes given are only estimates until books are presented for processing.

Key Benefits of selling your books back to the bookstore:

  • Making a little extra money for the trip home each semester
  • Getting rid of old books that take up space and contribute to the general clutter.
  • Reducing number of boxes you have to haul back home.