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Our Mission

Campus Safety


The mission of the Millsaps College Department of Campus Safety and Security is to protect and serve the Millsaps campus and community - students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors.

Fostering a safe and secure campus environment is, to a degree, the responsibility of each member of the College community. However, the identification and evaluation of potential risks and carrying out measures designed to protect against these risks is the direct responsibility of the College's Department of Campus Safety. The purpose of the Department of Campus Safety is to make it possible for all members of the Millsaps community to participate in the academic and other activities of the College in a free and open, safe and secure environment, unhampered by unreasonable internal constraints but protected to the greatest extent possible from perils to person and property that might arise from any source.

The Department objectives:

  • To protect people and property
  • To maintain an environment free from criminal activity and disturbances, and other hazards
  • To maintain a high level of cooperation between members of the Department and the other members of the College community
  • To maintain a high level of cooperation and communication between the Department and other public safety and law enforcement agencies
  • To maintain the highest level of professional competence through recruitment, selection, education, and training of its members