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Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

Campus Safety


Reporting Crimes or Emergencies On or Off-Campus:

Millsaps College strongly encourages any victim of or a witness to a crime occurring on campus report the incident immediately to Campus Safety at 601-974-1234. Whether big or small, a crime should be reported to ensure that prompt and appropriate action can be taken.

Crimes occurring off campus should be reported to the local law enforcement agency having proper jurisdiction, In the City of Jackson, usually the Jackson Police Department. If you are unsure of the proper jurisdiction, contact Campus Safety and we will assist you in contacting the proper agency.

How to report a crime:

  • Call boxes for emergency use are located throughout the campus. These phones are connected directly to the Campus Safety operator at all times.
  • Standard telephones (free use) are located in all offices, in residence hall rooms, corridors and buildings about campus.  From these on-campus extensions, simply dial x1234 to be connected to Campus Safety.
  • To report a crime or emergency at any hour from your cell phone, call 601-974-1234
  • To report a non-emergency issue, dial 601-974-1184.
  • If you wish to call the Jackson Police Department/Hinds County Sheriff's department emergency number, dial 911, or if using an on-campus phone, dial 9 THEN 911. If you make such a report, please call Ext. 1234 immediately after calling 911 so that Campus Safety may respond to your call immediately and so Campus Safety knows local authorities has been contacted.

Things to remember when reporting a crime:

  • Obtain a description of the perpetrator. Attempt to obtain the sex, age, race, hair color, clothing and distinguishable features. Also attempt to obtain the vehicle information, such as a plate number, color, type of vehicle and direction of travel.
  • Preserve the crime scene. Do not touch any items involved in the incident. Close off the area of the incident and do not allow anyone into the crime scene until the police arrive.

For these specific crimes/incidents:

  • Sexual assault: If you are the victim of a sexual assault, report it immediately. Preserve the physical evidence. Do not bathe, douche, use the toilet or change clothing. If you have been raped, you should seek medical treatment immediately regardless of whether you report the matter to the police.
  • Telephone harassment: Obscene or threatening telephone calls should be reported immediately. Other harassing phone calls should be reported if they persist. If you receive such a call, remain calm and hang up. Do not talk or try to discover who the caller is. If calling persists, keep a log of the times calls were received, what was said and a description of the caller's voice.  Do not delete text messages or erase voicemails or call logs on your cell phone.
  • Bomb threats: If you know of a bomb threat, report it immediately to Campus Safety at 601-974-1234 or 601-974-1184/1180 (x1234/1184/1180 from on-campus phone lines.)  Notify your supervisor or department head and wait for instructions.
  • Indecent exposure: Exposing oneself is a crime in Mississippi. If you observe someone doing this, contact Campus Safety. If off-campus, contact the local law enforcement agency having proper jurisdiction.