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Warning Systems

Campus Safety


Outdoor Warning System

In addition to the county-wide tornado siren for Hinds County, Millsaps College is equipped with an outdoor emergency warning system. This system is capable of emitting sirens and alert tones across the campus. Additionally, Campus Safety can send verbal messages with instructions over this system.

There are a number of distinct alert sound/sirens:

  • Weather Siren (with and w/o voice warning) - typical siren wail, raising and lowering in pitch. When you hear this warning sound, go to the closest campus shelter space for severe weather (see link below for locations.)
  • Campus Alert (with and w/o voice warning) - a repetitive, electronic "chirp." When you hear this warning sound, listen for further, specific instructions to come over the outdoor system, via email, or mobile phone (for those signed up for the free Campus Safety Twitter account.)
  • All Clear Command - verbal notification that the danger has passed. Until you hear this notification, please remain under the warning.

When you hear the siren or alert sound, please pay attention and take the warnings and instructions seriously. When the siren sounds, Campus Safety Officers, Residence Life professionals, including RHDs, RAs, and Fraternity House managers, will initiate action that will require your cooperation and participation. This may include seeking shelter, gathering at particular designated locations, or simply checking your email.

In-Building Warning System

Millsaps College academic buildings are equipped with an in-building warning system, enacted in case of severe weather or other emergencies.

  • Bells will sound for one minute straight to signal a tornado warning. Faculty, staff and students should move to safe shelter spaces in each building.
  • Bells will sound for a 12-15 second burst to signal that the Warning has been lifted. Only then should normal activity resume.