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Employers' FAQs

Where are your offices located?
The Millsaps College Center for Career Education has two locations on campus.  The main center is located on the third floor, above the Caf. The second location, the Center for Career Education - Else School of Management, is on the first floor of Murrah Hall, near the elevator. Click here for a Campus Map.

Who is the direct contact for the Center for Career Education?
Tonya Nations, Director, is located in the Division of Student Life and can be reached by calling (601) 974-1346. She handles full-time employment opportunities, internships and part time employment. Suzi Nyberg, Career Specialist, is located in the Else School of Management and can be reached by calling (601) 974-1214. Her focus is employment for business, public management and pre-law majors.

Do you have an electronic system where I can post a job or internship?
Yes, we do. It's called College Central Network. Call us if you need help navigating the system.

When is the next career fair?
We offer networking events each semester, rather than job fairs. Check our calendar on our main page. 

Can you help me find a tutor or a babysitter?
You may register on College Central Network as an employer (using your individual/family name), and then post your sitter or tutor position for our students to see. Interested students will contact you, using the method of contact you list in your job posting (phone, email).

What sort of majors do you have at Millsaps College?
The College is a liberal arts school with three Divisions: Arts & Humanities, Sciences and the ElseSchool of Management. For more information, see Millsaps College majors and minors.

How do I get an intern for my company or organization?
The process is really simple. Any time of the year, you are welcome to post your opportunity on College Central Network.