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Putting Majors to Work: Employment


Posting Jobs

The first step is to visit College Central Network. Once you have registered and are approved by the Center for Career Education, a password will be issued. You can then post job listings and for students and alumni. 

Recruiting on Campus

On-campus recruiting is done during the fall and spring semesters. For business, public management and pre-law majors, contact Suzi Nyberg at 601-974-1214. For arts, humanities and science majors, contact Tonya Nations at 601-974-1346. Here's an overview to the process:

  • Select a date for interviews 3-4 weeks in advance.
  • Call to discuss details, such as the length of interviews and arrival/departure times.
  • Send job description(s).
  • The Center for Career Education will sign up eligible candidates and create an interview schedule. (If you wish to screen candidates in advance, please let us know.)
  • The schedule and resumes are sent one week prior to the interview date.

Consider utilizing VoIP services (Voice over-Internet Protocol), such as Skype, to interview our students.

Coordinating Information Sessions

We can arrange for your organization to talk to groups of students on our campus.  You'll be able to provide information, explain the application process and network with interested candidates. 


If you need assistance in formulating recruiting strategies, you may work directly with our professional staff to develop a tailored, comprehensive recruiting plan. Please contact us for additional information.