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Church Relations

Millsaps and the United Methodist Church


The United Methodist ChurchIn the late 1800s, Major Reuben Webster Millsaps challenged the Methodists of Mississippi to meet his gift of $50,000 to build a college in Mississippi. The Methodists met the challenge and have continued to be faithful supporters of Millsaps College. Today the United Methodists of Mississippi provide scholarship support to Millsaps students through their annual apportionments, a certain percentage of the Board of Trustees are United Methodist clergy or laity, and the Resident Bishop of the Mississippi Area serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.

Millsaps College celebrates its connection with the United Methodist Church. The College embodies the spirit of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist tradition, in its emphases on scholarly inquiry, academic freedom, and spiritual growth. Millsaps is a church-related institution, welcoming of people from all religious traditions or no religious tradition, and committed to equipping all people for a meaningful life of service to others.

Millsaps has developed innovative partnerships such as The Center for Ministry and Initiative for Vocational Inquiry, which are open to all faiths. Chaplain Chris Donald ministers to the entire campus community and leads the Millsaps Multi-Faith Initiative and Millsaps Ecumenical Community.

Students - read "What Happens After Graduation?" from magazine Interpreter, which is devoted to United Methodist-related higher education.

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