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ITS Staff

Information Technology Services


Jeanne Bodron
Coordinator of User Services
Email: Jeanne.Bodron@millsaps.edu
ext 1153

Gail Keller
Manager of Programming Services
Email: Gail.Keller@millsaps.edu
ext 1145

David Mattox
Senior Network Administrator
Email: david.mattox@millsaps.edu
ext 1149

Scott McNamee
Director of Information Technology Services
Email: Scott.McNamee@millsaps.edu
ext 1154

Don Mullen
Network Administrator I
Email: Don.Mullen@millsaps.edu
ext 1148

Janet Nalley 
Business Systems Analyst
Email: janet.nalley@millsaps.edu
ext 1117

Jeff Venator
UNIX Systems Administrator
Email: Jeff.Venator@millsaps.edu
ext 1146