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Information Technology Services

theHUB is an ITS student staffed after-hours extension of Helpdesk to support students after our ITS office closes for the day. theHUB staffs are available to assist our students with a variety of services such as software installs, smartphone email configuration, and wireless assistance to name a few. 

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Office Hours and Location
theHUB will be open from 6-9 PM; Sunday-Thursday. The office is centrally located in the Digital Media Lab on the 2nd floor of the Millsaps Wilson Library.

Contact Information
Email: helpdesk@millsaps.edu
Telephone Ext.: 601.974.1144

Documentation may be found on our Documentation page - this includes information on how to connect to MajorAir, your H: drive, and your email. Please visit the manufacturer website for instructions on how to obtain the device MAC address. If you need assistance feel free to contact helpdesk@millsaps.edu.

If an ITS service experiences an outage outside ITS HelpDesk hours, please call 601-974-1234 to report a service outage. Staff will gather basic information to determine if an outage exists, and report it to the appropriate ITS staff for repair.

Web HelpDesk

Web HelpDesk is a web based ticketing system that provides a ticket tracking system for all requests submitted to the ITS HelpDesk and improves the way users report and track support issues.  In addition, the application allows you to open your own support ticket by simply emailing your request to help@millsaps.edu.  Once the email is received the system will automatically create a new ticket and you will receive a notification email which will contain your ticket number along with a link to the ticket. 

What to expect using IT Web Help Desk?

Open a web browser and navigate to https://help.millsaps.edu and log in using your Millsaps credentials.  Once you authenticate, you are then able to:

  • Open a new support ticket
  • Add comments and/or request closure on a current ticket
  • Track the progress of your support ticket
  • View the status, comments and the resolution of your support ticket
  • Search FAQs for self-help resolution
  • The ability to upload file attachments
  • Users can review a list of frequently asked questions that may allow them to resolve their own problems 

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