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CORE and Degree/Graduation Audit

Office of Records

Core Audit:

The Office of Records provides a core audit on all rising juniors and seniors, prior to the fall semester, because Core Audits are prepared for all students by the Office of Records each summer.  One copy is distributed to academic advisors, another copy is kept in the student's file in the Office of Records, and the original evaluation is mailed to the student at the beginning of the fall semester each year. Advisors are also provided with copies of the core audit as an update to the student's advising file.

Degree/Graduation Audit:

Degree audits are prepared by the Office of Records for all students who have more than 80 hours at the beginning of the fall semester.  Students are required to meet with the staff in the Office of Records to discuss the audit.  The staff outlines which degree requirements have been completed and which are still deficient.  Together, the staff and student outline the plan of study for the remainder of the academic year.  The student is advised to discuss all major requirements with the appropriate departments, and he or she signs the audit and is given a copy of it. During this scheduled interview with the student, a degree application is filed with the Office of Records as well.

An application for degree must be on file with the Office of Records at the following times:

  • for December completion, prior to the Fall semester's online registration period
  • for May completion, prior to the Spring semester's online registration period
  • for August completion, prior to the Summer semester's registration period

The application provides information for diploma and cap/gown orders. A fee of $100 should be paid to the Business Office. Millsaps College has one commencement ceremony a year in May. All diplomas are dated for the May class; official transcripts reflect the actual date of degree completion.

MBA, E-MBA, and MAcc candidates are audited through the Else School of Management.


Core Requirements and Degree Requirements Audit Form

Remaining Requirements, including Major, Form

As a student, it is your responsibility to understand and fulfill all requirements for graduation as stated in the catalog in effect when you entered Millsaps College.  You and your advisor should use the catalog as an audit tool for checking graduation requirements. In addition, a program evaluation tool is available on Major Access. Please review it carefully and make sure it accurately records which requirements you have met and which ones you still need to fulfill.  If you have any questions concerning your core, degree, or overall requirements, please direct them to the Office of Records.  If you have questions about your major requirements, please contact the appropriate department.  No student may graduate from Millsaps College until all graduation requirements are completed.