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CORE and Degree/Graduation Audit

Office of Records

Core Audit:

The Office of Records provides a core audit on all rising juniors and seniors, prior to the fall semester. Advisors are also provided with copies of the core audit as an update to the student's advising file.

Degree/Graduation Audit:

Advisors assist students in establishing their degree plan for graduation. In the senior year of the student's course work, the Office of Records does a parallel degree/graduation audit to review the undergraduate student's academic core, major (according to catalog and information from departments), and total units earned. During this scheduled interview with the student, a degree application is filed with the Office of Records.

An application for degree must be on file with the Office of Records at the following times:

  • for December completion, prior to the Fall semester's online registration period
  • for May completion, prior to the Spring semester's online registration period
  • for August completion, prior to the Summer semester's registration period

The application provides information for diploma and cap/gown orders. A fee of $100 should be paid to the Business Office. Millsaps College has one commencement ceremony a year in May. All diplomas are dated for the May class; official transcripts reflect the actual date of degree completion.

MBA, E-MBA, and MAcc candidates are audited through the Else School of Management.