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Registration Information

Office of Records


Incoming freshman are assigned a "First Year Summer Advisor", and registration for classes occurs online with advising from an advisor (over the phone or in person) on how to use Major Access. For any questions about this, see here. In addition to this assistance from the First Year Summer Advisor, incoming freshman are encouraged to meet with Dr. Melissa Lea, the Director of Academic Advising, and Ms. Elizabeth Giddens, Registrar, on the Sunday afternoon prior to the term's start date.

Transfer students are assigned a "General Advisor" which is the Director of Academic Support Services, Mrs. Janet Langley. Mrs. Langley assists students in registering for their first semester of classes on Major Access. Non-degree students are also assisted by Mrs. Langley; degree-seeking students have priority over class enrollment than non-degree students.

For continuing students, students must meet with their advisor to determine the classes they should register for.


A couple of weeks prior to online registration, the next term's schedule will become available for viewing on Major Access under "Search Course Schedule" or you can go here to see it in Excel. For Spring 2015, this date is October 20, 2014. For Fall 2015, this date is March 30, 2015. Students should select the classes they would like to register for and click "email advisor" within the "action" button. Once done, click "schedule" to make sure everything went through. The advisor will then approve appropriate classes.

Check out the e-Registration checklist for an overview of items that will be checked during your registration on Major Access such as your program, date and time to register, petition check, overload approvals, and restrictions/holds.


Students will get an email with their registration time to login to Major Access. Registration times are assigned by classification: graduate students and seniors register first, then juniors, then sophomores, and then freshman; you will not be asked to register during a time when you are in class. Students should login to Major Access, choose their e-Registration Card for suggested courses, and then follow directions for e-Registration of courses. Students should be careful of what they choose because dropping a class is not allowed online. Online registration for Spring 2015 is November 3-6, 2014. Online registration for Fall 2015 is April 13-16, 2015.


At the beginning of each term, the first Monday and Tuesday of the first week, adding and dropping of courses takes place in person in the Office of Records. If a student never followed the registration procedures listed above for any classes and waits until after this Tuesday to complete registration, they will be charged a $50 late fee for registering for classes outside of the normal registration period (for more information about the late fee, see the Business Office).


The last day to add and drop courses for a term is 8 days after the term's start. For Fall 2014, this date is September 3, 2014. For Spring 2015, this date is January 22, 2015. 

After the 8th day, students must withdraw from courses and will receive a "W" on their transcript. They must also pay a $25 schedule change fee for changes made after the 8th day (for more information about the schedule change fee, see the Business Office). There are also last dates to withdraw from courses. The last date to withdraw from any Fall 2014 course is November 5, 2014. The last date to withdraw from any Spring 2015 course is March 27, 2015.


Summer registration occurs in the Office of Records, not online via Major Access. The official process occurs in late April. For Summer 2015 it is April 20-21, 2015, however students can continue to register for courses until the term's start date. Students do not need to meet with their advisors to register for Summer term(s). Students will visit the Office of Records in Academic Complex room 142 for registration, and then go directly to the Business Office in Academic Complex room 144 for payment. Students should bring their college ID. For summer tuition prices, see the Business Office.


For any questions about these procedures, please contact the Office of Records at 601-974-1120 or records@millsaps.edu. For questions about academic advising, contact your advisor first and contact Dr. Melissa Lea second.