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Millsaps College's Simplified Scholarship Selection System

For domestic freshmen applicants. The matrix below does NOT include additional awards for students with artistic, musical, or theatre talent, or for students awarded need based financial aid after filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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* Test Score Policies for Applicants

  • Who has to submit test scores? All domestic freshman applicants or domestic transfer with less than 30 completed transferable semester units (45 quarter units).
  • What tests are required? A set of scores from at least one of the following tests is required.
    • ACT Code: 2212
    • SAT Code: 1471
    • TOEFL Code: 1471 (for international students)
  • How do you combine scores?  We look at the highest of each sub-score even if they were each from different test dates. For example, your highest SAT Math score may be from June, but your highest Critical Reading score may be from October. Both of those would be used for admission and scholarship consideration.
  • What makes a score official? Scores should be sent electronically to Millsaps College directly from the College Board (SAT), ACT or ETS (TOEFL). This can be arranged before the test, or can be done online after the test.  This method is preferred and can help expedite the review of your application.
  • What is the latest test that will be considered? Standardized test scores received before March 8th will be reviewed and used to complete your application.  Any updated scores will be re-reviewed and can be considered for additional merit scholarship awards.
  • What about SAT Subject Tests? Subject Tests are NOT required to complete an admission application or to be admitted.


The admissions staff is here to answer your questions and offer guidance as you apply to Millsaps College. Call us at 601-974-1050 (toll free 1-800-352-1050) or email admissions@millsaps.edu if we can assist you in any way throughout the application process.

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