Major Mentors

The class of 2017 will soon graduate in May, but that won't mean their Millsaps experience will be over! As these new alumni head for graduate school or look to enter the workforce, and as current students plan for their careers, they can benefit from your own experience—so sign up to help them out as a Major Mentor!

It’s easy. If you are willing to be a mentor, just click here and join!

Major Mentors is the career networking program established by the Millsaps Alumni Association. Major Mentors seeks to connect current students or recent graduates with experienced alumni who can provide career advice. Over 500 alumni have signed up to be mentors, but we always need more. By joining the LinkedIn “Major Mentors” group, you become part of a valuable resource, a pool of alumni that can be drawn upon on an as-needed basis. Private information is not shared and you can request that contact be limited to e-mails. Major Mentors started in 2011 and has had numerous success stories. Give back to the college by joining the team, and be there when a Millsaps student needs you!