Learning the Language of Business
What Do You Mean – What Does It Cost?
Making a Budget and Sticking to It


Who Gets What? The Role of Markets
Competition: Perfect and Otherwise
When Markets Need Correcting


Understanding Financial Statement Analysis
Making Money Grow! Interest Rates
Bulls and Bears: Understanding Stocks and Bonds


What Does a Business Organization Look Like?
Business Leadership – The Ethical Way
Managing Employee Performance
Who is Today’s Workforce?


Segmentation and Target Marketing
Branding and Communication Strategy
What Price and Place are Right?


Strategic Capstone Experience

Our Fall 2015 class is closed!

We will begin accepting applications for our Fall 2016 class on January 1, 2016.

No matter your passion or profession, business plays a role in every pursuit. Whether it’s fundraising, marketing a new project, or effectively managing employees – basic business principles help you make the best decisions for you and your organization. And the Millsaps Business Advantage Program for Professionals offers you the knowledge and insight to make the smart moves.

Geared toward professionals with no formal business training, Millsaps Business Advantage provides a fundamental understanding of economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and management. Classes meet two nights a week plus three Saturdays over one semester.

Business Advantage is led by The Millsaps Else School of Management. This exceptionally engaging faculty ranks among the Princeton Review’s Top Ten for “Best Professors” and “Classroom Experience.” So you won’t just sit and stare at statistics. The captivating curriculum presents real insight into the business world.

The Business Advantage Program for Professionals is a certificate program. By the end of the coursework, you’ll have more than a notch on your resumé. You’ll have the business acumen to realize and further your goals.

The 15-week course costs $4,500. Significant scholarships are available, and many employers will cover some or all of the cost. Due to the dynamic nature of the Business Advantage Program, class size is limited. So please click below to register or call 601.974.1250 today.


See How The Millsaps Business Advantage Program Helped These Professionals Build Their Businesses.