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Internationalizing the Millsaps Campus

The College is sending more and more of its students to study abroad. This is an important and positive development. This trajectory raises important questions and offers significant opportunities to think about how this affects what goes on at Millsaps. We can ask questions like: How can we make the most of the knowledge and experiences that students bring back to campus after studying abroad? How does this knowledge and experience enhance the learning that happens at Millsaps? What do we need to do at Millsaps in order to reap the greatest rewards from study abroad? We should also consider how what goes on on the Millsaps campus supports efforts to encourage study abroad and build an ethos of international engagement and awareness. Internationalizing the campus might include an initiative to bring more international students to campus with the idea that their presence will enhance the learning environment for all Millsaps students that live and learn together with them. It might also include recruiting students from specific countries or locations where we have Millsaps programs so that those students can serve as language tutors for Millsaps students preparing to study abroad. Internationalizing the campus seems to speak directly to many of our liberal arts abilities and ought to enhance things like communication, social and cultural awareness, and historical consciousness in tangible and measurable ways.

Contact person: Julian Murchison

For a PDF of the proposal, click here.

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