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Provide an Improved Understanding of the Role of Science in the Modern World

A clearer understanding of the role of science in the modern world would greatly enhance the liberal arts experience. While the Core Curriculum attempts to do this, I feel that a broader approach is necessary. Introductory science courses tend to be narrowly focused on a single branch of science, so that fundamental concepts of other fields are never presented. It is entirely possible that a Millsaps graduate with a BA might never be exposed to such concepts as plate tectonics, the gene, the origins of the universe, the role of pesticides in our bodies, the role of mathematical modeling, and the purpose of the peer review. In fact, I suspect the same is true of many BS graduates.

A good survey course of the scientific method with examples from a number of fields would be an improvement. Implications for government policy decisions can be used to show that scientific knowledge is needed by a larger portion of the population.

Contact person: Robert Leggett

For a PDF of the proposal, click here.

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