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Alternative Meal Plan Options for Student Teachers

Currently, student teachers at Millsaps are required to pay for a full meal plan if they are living on campus. Because of their unusual schedules, they are off campus a majority of the day and cannot take full advantage of the meals they are paying for. It seems as though an alternative meal plan should be available to student teachers and those with exceptional circumstances to best benefit the cafeteria's budget and their own.

Student teachers are required to be at their schools from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Because of this, they are unable to be on campus for two meals a day during the week. This means that student teachers will be paying for 21 meals a week, when at the MOST they will only be able to eat 11 on campus (assuming all weekday dinners and weekend meals are eaten in the cafeteria). The current meal plan costs $2,119. Based on the visitor's prices, the 11 meals would cost $1,348. This means that the student would be paying $771 more than they could possibly consume (not to mention the ten additional meals they would have to purchase during the week to bring to their schools). This would also mean that in a semester, the cafeteria is paying for $771 worth of food that is not being eaten.

This upcoming spring, there are sixteen student teachers, meaning that $12,336 will be spent on a meal plan that is not being used fully, and $12,336 will be spent on food for students that will not be there to eat it. It would be extremely beneficial if student teachers were allowed to be taken off of the meal plan, even if they were still living on campus, and just pay the visitor's price for meals. This option, or creating an alternative meal plan for student teachers or those with exceptional cases (work schedules for example), would provide a solution that would benefit the school, the amount of food wasted, and the student's budgets.

Contact person:  Samantha Greenleaf

For a PDF of the proposal, click here.

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