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Level 1 Proposals

Quality Enhancement Plan

The first level of the QEP proposal process is very simple.

All we are looking for in Level 1 proposals are ideas and discussion.

The goal is just to get a bunch of ideas out there and see what people are thinking. Hopefully, this will help the college community start to develop the QEP in two ways. First, people with similar proposals can talk to each other and start working together to further develop and expand their ideas. Second, people who aren't sure about what QEP topic they might be interested in can see what other people are thinking, which might lead to collaborations or might spur another idea altogether.

Level 1 proposals don't need any research. Just put down your idea in simple, clear terms and get it out there for discussion.

To submit a Level 1 proposal, click and download the Level 1 Proposal Guidelines and the Level 1 Proposal Form. The form is very short and simple. Just fill it out with a title, a contact person, and a short description of your QEP idea. Then click on the submit button and it will pull up your email system and mail it back to the QEP Steering Committee Chair, Patrick Hopkins. If you have any problems, just contact Patrick Hopkins. We can always get you a Word version or paper copies of the proposal form.

The deadline for submitting Level 1 proposals is November 1, 2010.

Once we get Level 1 proposals coming in, they will be posted on this page (below) so that anyone can see them. There will also be a space underneath each proposal where people can make comments or ask questions.

To download the Level 1 Proposal Guidelines, click here (PDF).

To download, the Level 1 Proposal Form, click here (PDF).



Click on the title to see the proposal and any comments and discussion that have been posted about it. To have a comment posted, just send your comment to Patrick Hopkins.

1. Recruiting the Millsaps Community

2. Various Languages at Millsaps College

3. Gauging the Study Abroad Experience: Student Self-Evaluations

4. Growing Technology in the Classroom

5. Revised Core 1 Program

6. The Light on a Hilltop Initiative

7. Shoot for the Stars: Repair the James Observatory Telescope

8. Learn to Serve

9. The Delta Development Institute

10. Millsaps Grads Prepared for and Placed in Top Graduate Schools

11. Increase the Size of the College

12. Internationalizing the Millsaps Campus

13. ARC: Revising the Core 1 course to teach (A)nalysis, (R)esearch, and (C)ommunication by focusing on project-based learning and by using faculty efficiently

14. Forging Ways to A "Creative Campus"

15. A Project-Oriented Socio-Academic Program for a Diverse Group of Students

16. Adventures in Learning: A QEP for Enhancing Experiential Learning

17. Replacing Core 1 with a Great Books Program

18. Improve Our Ranking In U.S. News and World Report

19. Outside the Bowl

20. Developing Leaders for a Sustainable Future

21. Information Technology Within the Curriculum

22. Enhancement of Academic Registration, New Student Orientation, and Student Retention

23. Improve retention and graduation rates

24. Develop and Implement a Four Year Rotating Plan for Regional Cultural Emphasis

25. Provide an Improved Understanding of the Role of Science in the Modern World

26. Provide an Improved Capability in Quantitative Skills

27. Paper!

28. Sustainable Millsaps

29. Coordinated Management of Specialized Technology Labs

30. Improving the Instructional Use of Existing and Future Technology

31. Individual and Institutional Mindfulness in Excellence

32. Interdisciplinary Regional Studies Travel Program

33. Center for Teaching and Learning

34. Creating a Culture of Reflection: Increasing Student Self-Reflection throughout the Curriculum

35. Expanding Health Services on Campus Through Education

36. Living Ethically @ Millsaps

37. Two-Course Interdisciplinary Learning Communities

38. Alternative Meal Plan Options for Student Teachers

39. Enhancing Learning Through Application of Knowledge in a Tropical Conservation and Development Program