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Level 2 Proposals

Quality Enhancement Plan

The second level of the QEP proposal process is simple.

What we are looking for in Level 2 proposals is a summary of how your proposal would actually work to help us figure out whether it meets the SACS requirements for a QEP. From the Level 2 proposals, the QEP Steering Committee will invite the most promising to be submitted as Level 3 proposals (along with financial support for the proposal development). From those Level 3 proposals, we will choose the official QEP.

Level 2 Proposal Information (please see Level 2 Proposal Guidelines)

What we need in Level 2 proposals is information related to the appropriateness and viability of the idea for SACS QEP requirements. This information is not written in stone. It may change as the idea develops and as institutional assessment comes into play later. You do not need to be exhaustive or authoritative (see the note on workload below). We just need a rough sense of how appropriate the idea is. That means we need a brief explanation or statement about:

  • how the idea would actually work if put into place
  • why Millsaps College needs this particular plan
  • what the specific learning outcomes of the proposed idea are
  • how the learning outcomes might be assessed
  • which student population this plan would affect
  • how the plan would fit into or replace existing programs
  • what resources would be needed to make this plan work
  • any particular obstacles that would need to be overcome to make this plan work

Level 2 proposals do not have to be related to a Level 1 proposal (though most will be). If you have an idea, feel free to submit it as a Level 2 proposal. New proposals are welcome.

To submit a Level 2 proposal, click and download the Level 2 Proposal Guidelines and the Level 2 Proposal Form. The form is straightforward and simple. Just give concise information on the issues listed above. Then click on the submit button and it will pull up your email system and mail it back to the QEP Steering Committee Chair, Patrick Hopkins. If you have any problems, just contact Patrick Hopkins. We can always get you a Word version or paper copies of the proposal form.

The deadline for submitting Level 2 proposals is January 12, 2011.

Once we get Level 2 proposals coming in, they will be posted on this page (below) so that anyone can see them. There will also be a space under each proposal where people can make comments or ask questions.

To download the Level 2 Proposal Guidelines, click here (PDF).

To download the Level 2 Proposal Form, click here (PDF).

A Note About Workload and Financial Support for Level 3 Proposals

Please note, we are aware that members of the campus community are concerned that possible additional work might be added to their load if they submit a proposal. Please don't let this concern prevent you from submitting a proposal. We assure you that just because you submit a proposal, you are not responsible for fully fleshing out the idea or for coordinating or implementing the program. Click here for more information.



Click on the title to see the proposal and any comments and discussion that have been posted about it. To have a comment posted, just send your comment to Patrick Hopkins.

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