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Staff Council Bylaws

By-Laws of the Staff Council
Jackson, Mississippi

Article I ‑ Meetings

Section 1. Notice. Staff Council meetings shall be called by the President and notice shall be provided to members not less than three (3) days before each meeting.

Section 2. Agenda.  The agenda for council meetings shall be made available three (3) working days preceding each meeting.

Section 3. Open Meetings ‑ All meetings of the Staff Council shall be open to non‑members.

Section 4. Quorum. A quorum is required for all meetings and is constituted by a minimum of one Staff Representative from each area. 

Section 5. Voting. 

a. Staff Representatives and elected officers shall be eligible to vote. 
b. Voting during each meeting of the Staff Council shall follow Robert's Rules of Order. The total vote shall be determined by the President.

Section 6. Debate. Debate or discussion shall be limited to ten (10) minutes per motion unless an extension of time is voted by two‑thirds of voting members present. The time shall be kept by the Vice President.

Section 7. Special Meetings. 

a. Town Hall meeting shall be held bi-annually.
b. Special committee meetings will be called as deemed necessary by the Staff Council.

Article II ‑ Financial Support                           

Section 1. Budget. Funding necessary to maintain operations of the Staff Council shall be secured through annual budget submission(s) to the Vice President of Finance through the regular budgeting process.  The budget officer shall be the Staff Council Vice-President.

Article III ‑ Committees

Section 1. Standing Committees. 

a. Social Committee organizes all social events for staff employees.
b. Community Care Committee conveys expressions of concern to fellow staff on behalf of the council.

Section 2. Ad Hoc Committee. Ad hoc committees are created as necessary to accomplish specific projects or research.  An ad hoc committee shall be discharged once it has completed its assigned task or project.

Section 3. Appointments. Appointments shall be made by the Executive Council and approved by the majority vote of the Staff Representatives.

Section 4. Responsibilities. All committees shall be responsible for reporting findings or status of assignment to the Staff Council at regular meetings.

Article IV ‑ Staff Representatives

Section 1. Staff Representatives.  The Staff Council shall have Staff Representatives from staff in each building on campus.  One (1) Staff Representative will represent each 6 staff employees and are generally assigned by building.

The purpose of these Representatives shall be to assure full representation of all constituencies of the college by 1) hearing concerns from their constituencies and bringing those to the Staff Council and 2) insuring that information from the Staff Council reaches their constituencies.

Section 2. Elections. Staff Representatives shall be elected from their respective constituent bases. The date and manner of the election shall be conducted by the Staff Council Secretary.

a. A list of each Representative base's nominees shall then be compiled and distributed to the respective buildings prior to election.
b. Individual ballots will be distributed and completed ballots collected during the month of September.

Section 3. Vacancies. Vacancies shall occur when an elected Staff Representative leaves their elected building, terminates employment with the College, or submits a resignation to the President of the Staff Council.  Vacancies will be filled by election as referenced in Section 2 of this Article.

Article V ‑ Officers

Section 1. Duly Elected and Appointed Officers. The Staff Council shall elect three officers from its membership, President, Vice President, and Secretary. The President shall appoint a Parliamentarian. These officers shall be called the Executive Council and shall be responsible for carrying out the duties and business of the Staff Council as follows:

1. President ‑ Elected

a. Preside at all meetings of the Staff Council;
b. Determine the agenda for all meetings of the Staff Council;
c. Issue calls for regular and special meetings of the Staff Council through the Secretary;
d. Receive all matters directed to the Staff Council from the Staff Representatives or Cabinet; and
e. Appoint all committees of the Staff Council as set forth in Article III of these By‑Laws and to appoint representatives to College‑wide committees.
f. Serves as the liaison with the President and members of the Cabinet
g. Serves as the communicative link between the Staff Council, the cabinet and the Office of Human Resources.

2. Vice President ‑ Elected

a. Preside over the Staff Council in the absence of the President;
b. Represent the Staff Council when appointed to do so either by the President or by the Council; and
c. Submit/maintain budget.
d. Serves on the College Benefits Committee.

3. Secretary ‑ Elected

a. Keep accurate and timely minutes of the regular and special meetings of the Staff Council;
b. Keep accurate records of members and member attendance for each meeting of the Staff Council;
c. Assist the President in determining the agenda for meetings of the Staff Council; and
d. Issue notices for all meetings of the Staff Council.
e. Conduct elections.

4.  Parliamentarian  

a. Confirms conformity to constitution, by-laws, and Roberts Rule of Order. 
b. Assures constitution and by-laws are maintained. 

Article VI ‑ Amendments

Section 1. Petition. Any proposal to amend these By‑Laws shall be submitted by a member of the Staff Council at any Staff Council meeting.

Section 2. Process. These By‑Laws may be amended by a majority vote of those members present and voting at a meeting of the Staff Council at which a quorum is present, provided that at the previous meeting the proposal to amend has been presented and discussed.

Revised 10/25/06