Graduate School Admissions


Candidates can begin graduate work at the beginning of any semester. Semesters at Millsaps begin in January, June, July, and August. The complete application packet consists of the following items:

Personal Data Application Form—This form is found in the Millsaps College Graduate Application and must be completed in its entirety.

Admission Essay—Candidates must provide a two-page, double-spaced essay that discusses those factors that influenced the decision to pursue a graduate degree in business administration (candidates filling out the online graduate application may provide the essay within the online form or provide the essay by email).

Official GMAT score—The GMAT exam must be taken prior to admission to the Millsaps M.B.A. or M.Acc. programs. While no absolute minimum score is required, a score of 500 or better is preferred. For more information on the GMAT, visit Candidates with three or more years of significant work experience may be eligible for admission without taking the GMAT. For more information, call Graduate Admissions at 601.974.1253.

Two Letters of RecommendationCandidates must obtain two letters of recommendation from professional or academic recommenders. These forms should be filled out by the recommender and mailed to the Admissions Office at the address given. To submit electronically, candidates should direct recommenders to our online letter of recommendation form.

Official Transcripts—An undergraduate degree is required for admission to the M.B.A. or M.Acc. program. However, the undergraduate degree does not have to be in a business-related field. Many Millsaps M.B.A. students have undergraduate degrees with majors in areas other than business. M.Acc. candidates who have little or no academic background in accounting will be required to take undergraduate prerequisite courses. Official academic transcripts from all previously attended undergraduate and graduate institutions should be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Interview—An interview with the Director or Associate Director of Graduate Admissions is requested. In cases where travel to Jackson is required, telephone interviews may be sufficient.

Application items may be sent in separately. Once the application packet is complete, it will be forwarded to the Graduate Admissions Committee for review. A decision will be communicated to the candidate from the Office of Graduate Admissions.



Major Plus and M.Acc. Plus

Current Millsaps undergraduate students who wish to continue straight into the graduate business programs at Millsaps may start, in some cases, before they complete their undergraduate degree. Millsaps seniors who have accumulated enough undergraduate hours that they do not have to take a full course load the second semester of their senior year in order to graduate are eligible to take up to two graduate courses during that semester. To do so, all of the above admissions requirements must be met, except for those calling for completion of the student's bachelor's degree. If the Admissions Committee approves the student, he/she will be admitted to the program conditionally. Upon successful completion of the student's undergraduate degree from Millsaps, he/she will be admitted to the program. The student may only apply for conditional admission one regular semester before their graduation date.


Nondegree Students/Auditing Classes

A Student-at-Large is one who wishes to take a graduate class, but is not interested in obtaining the formal degree. A Student-at-Large is one who has previously obtained an M.B.A. or M.Acc. degree or who is presently working for an advanced degree in the graduate school of another accredited university and is accepted for registration in the graduate program at Millsaps. Students under this category must be in good standing at their graduate school and provide Millsaps with a letter from their home college stating that the purpose for attending Millsaps is to transfer credit to the home college. A Student-at-Large must meet admissions committee standards as well as prerequisites for chosen courses.

Courses may be audited with the approval of the Dean of the Else School. Students must indicate their intention to audit at the time of registration. The student must pay regular tuition and fees for auditing courses.

Complete and submit an application for non-degree graduate admission.


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