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MBA Program

Else School of Management - Master of Business Administration




The Master of Business Administration Curriculum consists of three levels of coursework: Foundation, Core, and Electives. The total amount of coursework required of the MBA student varies from 30 - 48 hours of academic credit depending on the amount of Foundation coursework that can be waived with prior academic credit.

The MBA program can be completed in 12 months by a full-time student who has all of the Foundation courses waived. For the full-time student with no previous academic credit in business, the program can be completed in 20 months. For the part-time student, the time to complete the program varies depending on the number of courses taken each semester.

All MBA courses are offered at night which allows the working professional to attend the Millsaps MBA program. In fact, the working professional is encouraged to attend the Millsaps MBA program.


Foundation coursework consists of 18 hours of academic credit (six courses at three hours each). All students must have credit for these courses. Students may take the Foundation courses here at Millsaps or have all or some of the courses waived based on equivalent academic credit from another business school. The Foundation courses are:

  • Survey of Accounting
  • Survey of Economics
  • Survey of Operations Management
  • Survey of Marketing
  • Survey of Finance
  • Survey of Management

Proficiency in in computer software packages for word processing, spread-sheets, and presentations is assumed. Students are also expected to have taken statistics with regression. Statistics isnot offered as a course in the MBA program.


The MBA Core Curriculum consists of 18 hours of academic credit. All MBA students must take at least one three-hour course in each of the five core areas:

  • Principled Leadership
  • Financial Performance
  • Data Analysis for Decision Making
  • Navigating a Complex World
  • Competitive Strategy

Students must also complete Busi 606, Perspectives on Business, a readings course worth 1.5 credit hours, and Busi 607, Business Communications, a two-day seminar that is also worth 1.5 credit hours.

Elective Courses

The MBA student must earn at least 12 academic credit hours in elective courses. These courses (most of which are three academic credit hours) allow the student to focus his or her study in a particular area of interest. Or a student may choose to take elective courses in a variety of discipline areas.

International Study

The Millsaps MBA program has a long-established international study component. The European Study program is a 3-week or 6-week summer course of study conducted in such business and cultural centers as London, Paris, Munich, and Florence. During the semester break, after Christmas and before the Spring semester begins, the MBA student has a wonderful opportunity to study in Mexico at the Millsaps College mini-campus in the Yucatan.


Internships are encouraged and facilitated by the faculty of the Else School of Management. Internships are a cooperative effort involving the student, one or more Else School professors, and the student's field supervisor. Together this group must agree upon terms of the internship as specified in the official internship registration documents provided by the registrar's office. Activities of the intern must include legitimate academic inquiry and the student must be amenable to evaluation on that basis. Else School internships require the student to work in a meaningful capacity for at least 10 - 12 hours per week for the 14-week semester to receive three hours of graduate credit.

For complete course descriptions, see our online graduate catalog.