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Millsaps College Unveils Four-Year Graduation Guarantee


In conjunction with its new Compass Curriculum, Millsaps College has announced an initiative that guarantees graduation in four years, or the College will waive tuition and fees on courses required to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Read the press release here.

Read more about the guarantee here.

Millsaps College 4 Year Guarantee


"Stories Nobody Knows: Mississippi Methodists and Race Relations in the 1960s," featuring Dr. Joseph T. Reiff


The dominant narrative about the response of white Christians in Mississippi to the civil rights movement focuses on resistance to change. Dr. Joseph T. Reiff’s recent book, Born of Conviction: White Methodists in Mississippi’s Closed Society, complicates that narrative. The lecture will explore that “complication” and reflect on its implications for the ongoing struggle in church and society to deal with the race issue critically and honestly.

The lecture is free and open to the public on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016.

Read more about the event.

Joseph Reiff


Student Profile: Brittany Hardy


Brittany Hardy spent the last semester studying abroad in Greece, where her classes regularly met at some of the ancient sites in Athens.

Read the rest of Brittany's story.

Brittany Hardy


Compass Curriculum


The vision of Millsaps College affirms a dedication to engage students in a “transformative learning and leadership experience that results in personal and intellectual growth, commitment to good citizenship in our global society, and a desire to succeed and make a difference in every community they touch.” The new Compass Curriculum is a key building block in that experience, and offers all incoming first-year students (beginning fall 2015) a new and exciting tool to find their best path to graduation and beyond!

Read more about the Compass Curriculum.

Millsaps Compass Curriculum


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