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Finding Aids

  • Indexes
    • Index to New Orleans Christian Advocate 1850-1946. Compiled by Rev. J. B. Cain, in two typescript volumes, consisting of proper names which appear in this newspaper.
    • Index to Mississippi Methodist Advocate, 1947-1979. Compiled by Dr. Rush G. Miller, in one typescript volume with loose leaf supplement, consisting of proper names which appear in this newspaper.
  • J. B. Cain Archives Inventory
    • Card index Lists
    • Mississippi Conference Appointments 1799-1997, by W. L. Jenkins
    • Mississippi Conference Appointments 1831-1900, typescript
    • North Mississippi Conference Appointments, 1819-1870, typescript
    • Mississippi Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church Appointments, 1870-1939, typescript
    • Memoirs List, obituaries of clergy and clergy spouses, Mississippi Conference and antecedent conferences 1832-2007
    • Ministerial Records List (data sheets, pension records, Linsey card file) 1799-1993
    • Local Preachers List 1858-1950
    • Annual Conference Journals and Newspapers
    • Mississippi Conference (and antecedents) Annual Journals