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Pearl River Church

Pearl River Church was built in 1833 as a school near the Natchez Trace in Madison County and school and church shared the facility. It has been used as a Methodist church throughout its history, although it is no longer used except for special occasions. The building was remodeled in 1889 to its present form.  It is noted for its role in the history of the Lambuth family particulary. From this church in 1854 Rev. and Mrs. James William Lambuth went as missionaries to China where their descendants continued to labor long afterward.  On a return trip to Mississippi and a stay of two years, daughter Nettie died and is buried in the adjacent cemetery.  In honor of the Lambuths, each third Thursday of October there is a memorial service known now as Lambuth Day: The service has been essentially continuous since its beginning 1900.  A monument in front of the church memorializing the Lambuths was installed at that time.

Source: The Mississippi Methodist Advocate. December 2, 1959. Supplemented by other sources.  (This title is available in the J.B. Cain Archives.)

Additional Photos of Pearl River Church