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Mission Statement

Adopted November, 1980 - Revised May 23, 2000

The Millsaps-Wilson Library is dedicated to the educational program of Millsaps College as described in the Millsaps Purpose. The library is charged with the responsibility of helping to implement the aims of the institution by motivating student and faculty interest in the library for research, information, study, and general intellectual development through its resources. To this end, the library must acquire and make available to students and faculty a comprehensive and useful range of core and research resources that are needed for learning in a liberal arts environment that includes limited professional and pre-professional training. This responsibility implies the inherent charge to motivate students to explore independent intellectual pursuits. While emphasis is placed on the library as a learning resources center for the campus, it is open to the local community and other institutions through interlibrary lending and cooperative efforts. The library is administered as an integral part of the academic program and every effort is made to coordinate its activities with the instructional areas of the College.

Overall concern for and nourishment of a healthy library is a responsibility shared by the faculty and the other campus constituencies; however, immediate responsibility for the direction of the library and its coordination with other college programs rests with a staff of professional librarians, support personnel, and student assistants whose functions range from the managerial and curatorial to the promotional and instructional.

Collections and Resource
The materials collection of the library is a continuing joint responsibility of the library staff and the faculty. The objective of the collection is directly to support specific requirements of the curriculum, to provide suitable interdisciplinary materials in a wide variety of formats and through various print and electronic services for the general informational needs of an enlightened college community, including undergraduate and graduate students and, on a more limited scale, to provide research resources for faculty.

It is the aim of the library to provide one centralized facility to serve all the Millsaps community. The goal of the facility is to provide the environment required for effective use of library materials in an arrangement which is as efficient and comfortable as possible. The hours of operation of this facility are intended to approach maximum availability with adequate assistance, given available resources.

Library Instruction
An obligation of the library is instruction in the use of library materials and services on both formal and informal levels. This must be accomplished in everyday contacts and in coordinated efforts with academic departments of the College. The development of a certain independence in the use of library resources is seen as essential to an educated individual, and the library is dedicated to an assertive program of library instruction as an integral element in the curriculum.

Cooperative Arrangements
In view of the necessity and practicality of resource-sharing between libraries of all types, the Millsaps library actively seeks mutually beneficial cooperative arrangements with other libraries. These arrangements should enhance the resources available to Millsaps personnel and provide unique Millsaps holdings for other persons as well. The library acknowledges the responsibility to foster education generally, both to Millsaps students and to persons not affiliated with the College.

Intellectual Freedom
Toward the achievement of the goals outlined in this statement, the library makes a special acknowledgment of its commitment to the ideal of intellectual freedom and free access to information. The Millsaps-Wilson Library should in all respects adhere to the rights of intellectual inquiry and unrestricted access to ideas. Viewed as a forum for ideas, the library should in its materials and services seek balance and objectivity in its handling of controversial subjects. The library will resist any efforts which would abridge the basic freedom to learn.

Millsaps is a member of The Associated Colleges of the South