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Print / Scan / Copy / Fax


The library has two scanners available; one in the Digital Media Lab of the library and one in the Information Commons area by the desk on the main floor of the library. The scanner in the Information commons has a touch screen interface and you can easily scan and send a document to your email, flash drive or smart phone. The Digital Media Lab scanner is attached to a Mac computer. The DML is normally locked, but ask at the front desk to be let in.


Each semester, starting in Fall 2013, students will receive $15.00 credit for 300 prints ($.05 each) with a 30% discount for double-sided printing. It will cost $.07 to print a double-sided sheet instead of $.10 to print 2 single-sided sheets. See the Print Management System Overview for more information.

The library has two networked printers for student use. The information commons and group study room computers will print to Library-01 which is on the main floor in the information commons. The library comptuer lab computers will print to Library-04, which is in the library's basement computer lab. If there is a problem printing to one of the library printers, you may use your print options to print to another.

There is no color printing on campus.


The library has a coin operated copier located on the main floor. It is located in the periodicals room, just to the right as you go through the double doors. The copier takes $1.00 bills and coins. Copies are $.10 per page. 


The library has a fax machine that students, faculty and staff may use. If you are receiving a fax, use fax number 601-974-1082 and please make sure the sender includes a cover seet with your name on it. Sending local faxes is free. Long distance faxes are $2.00 for the first five pages.