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Lines Were Drawn - A Panel Discussion

by Web on April 14, 2016

Remembering Court-Ordered Integration at a Mississippi High School

Thursday, April 21, 5:30pm
Gertrude C. Ford Academic Complex Recital Hall, Campus Map 

A lecture and panel discussion with Robert Gibbs, Margie Cooper Pearson, John Jones, Teena Horn, and Alan Huffman.

Followed by book signing in partnership with Lemuria bookstore. 

Lines Were Drawn, edited by Teena F. Horn, Alan Huffman, and John Griffin Jones, looks at a group of Mississippi teenagers whose entire high school experience, beginning in 1969, was under federal court-ordered racial integration. Through oral histories and other research, this group memoir considers how the students, despite their markedly different backgrounds, shared a common experience that greatly influences their present interactions and views of the world—sometimes in surprising ways. The book is also an exploration of memory and the ways in which the same event can be remembered in very different ways by the participants.

The editors (proud members of Murrah High School’s Class of 1973) and more than fifty students and teachers address the reality of forced desegregation in the Deep South from a unique perspective—that of the faculty and students who experienced it and made it work, however briefly. The book tries to capture the few years in which enough people were so willing to do something about racial division that they sacrificed immediate expectations to give integration a true chance.

This period recognizes a rare moment when the political will almost caught up with the determination of the federal courts to finally do something about race. Because of that collision of circumstances, southerners of both races assembled in the public schools and made integration work by coming together, and this book seeks to capture those experiences for subsequent generations.