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Board of Visitors Conducts Annual Meeting

by Web on March 14, 2017

The Board of Visitors of Millsaps College convened on campus February 16–18, 2017, for its fourth annual meeting. 

In hopes of taking better advantage of the collective wisdom and experience of Millsaps’ leading alumni, parents, and other friends of the College, the College established in 2014 the Board of Visitors, a college-wide advisory board that gathers once a year to discuss timely topics in higher education, focusing in particular on issues of relevance to Millsaps.

Each year, the Board receives updates from leaders at the College on a range of issues but focuses intensively on a single topic. At the conclusion of each meeting, the Board produces a white paper that includes observations and recommendations regarding the theme of that year’s meeting. The report is then shared with the Executive Staff, Cabinet, and Board of Trustees of the College.

During the 2017 meeting, the Board received updates regarding enrollment, communications, and institutional advancement before turning its attention to a series of panels, sessions, and presentations regarding the recently established Institute for Civic & Professional Engagement at Millsaps.

While the 2017 white paper is still in the early stages of drafting, the chair of the Board of Visitors, Andy Mullins, class of 1970, noted, “It was really exciting for the Board of Visitors to see different pieces of the College’s Strategic Plan coming to fruition. The establishment of the Institute for Civic & Professional Engagement is a major development in how the College relates to the broader community, and it further separates Millsaps from its competition.”

Past topics of conversation for the Board of Visitors have included alumni engagement (2014); Millsaps’ physical campus (2015); and Millsaps’ academic program (2016).

The 2017 meeting was the first for six new members of the Board, including Rob Buxton (Los Gatos, CA; class of 1985); Lisa Boswell (Atlanta, GA; class of 1985); Pryor Calloway (New York, NY; class of 1997); Laurie Lovely (Davis, CA; class of 1987); Lynne Mabus (Alexandria, VA); Lawrence Ou (Los Angeles, CA; class of 2002), and Amanda Turner (Cleveland, MS; class of 1993).

Speaking of the function of the Board of Visitors, Millsaps President Rob Pearigen stated, “I am excited about the opportunities this group provides for leaders to connect with each other and for the value such gatherings offer the College. Given the challenges and opportunities in higher education today, it is increasingly important to take seriously the expertise and resources available in our midst.”

The full list of the Board of Visitors can be found here.

The Board of Visitors, which consists of alumni, friends of the College, and parents of current and former students, was established in 2013 and held its first annual meeting in 2014.