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Millsaps Junior Recognized The College was The Place For Her

by Web on November 15

Meet Zaria Bonds, a junior from Byram who is majoring in communication studies with a minor in business administration. She knew as a junior in high school that Millsaps College was the place for her after she and her parents had coffee with an admissions counselor. “There was something about connecting with me on a personal level and answering all of my questions that made me feel this would be the right place for me. I eventually visited for Junior Jumpstart Day and met professors and other people, and knew even more that Millsaps was the right choice.”

Q: How are you involved on campus?
A: I am a writing consultant for the Millsaps Writing Center, a member of 1 Campus 1 Community, chair of Millsaps Pathways to Success, and public relations officer for the sophomore honor society Sigma Lambda. I was the 2016–2017 president of the freshman honor society Phi Eta Sigma.

Q: What is your favorite activity?
A: As part of 1 Campus 1 Community, I volunteer weekly at Brown Elementary in the Midtown neighborhood near Millsaps. I enjoy giving back to our community by assisting the teachers. I believe I make a difference in the children’s lives by helping them with their reading and math skills. I always remember the Millsaps vision ‘across the street and around the globe’ because it reminds me that Millsaps is not only changing my life, but also others.

Q: What is challenging about being a Millsaps student?
A: Time management and balance. There are so many opportunities to explore at Millsaps, and it can be tempting to do everything. Professors expect students to use their skills beyond the classroom.

Q: What have you found transformative?
A: My growth as a student, writer, and person. Millsaps professors and faculty want students to succeed, and the undying support of the Millsaps community is endearing.

Q: What do you like about Millsaps?
A: I value the many connections I have made with my professors, the long-lasting relationships with fellow students and faculty, and the challenging coursework. The small size of classes makes for great discussions with my peers and professors. I also like that students are able to use their voices to create change on campus and in our community.

Q: Who is one of your favorite professors?
A: Dr. Jennifer Yates, visiting assistant professor of classical studies. Taking Latin was the most challenging class I had as a freshman. She made sure I just didn’t memorize words, but understood the language and the concepts. I appreciate her for keeping everyone motivated, and pushing us out of our comfort zone.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: I plan to enroll in a communications or public relations graduate program out of state. Millsaps is equipping me with skills to thrive in a graduate program, and I am confident I will succeed.