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Millsaps College Expands Offerings with American Sign Language

by Web on March 20, 2018

Millsaps College students now have the option of taking American Sign Language to meet the language requirement for earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.

To earn a B.A., a student must successfully complete the intermediate, or 2000-level course in either Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, or, now, American Sign Language.

Dr. Stacy L. DeZutter, associate professor of education at Millsaps, said students majoring in education or psychology who want to work with people with special needs or disabilities find knowledge of ASL helpful.

"Millsaps has a close relationship with the Mississippi School for the Deaf," she said. "Throughout their ASL study, our students get immersion experiences by spending time in classrooms and at deaf cultural events where only ASL is spoken. Immersion is shown to be the best way to learn a language, and we're able to provide that."

American Sign Language is increasingly popular among high schools students. “If a student wants to continue studying ASL after high school it is possible to do so at Millsaps,” DeZutter said.

Millsaps first offered American Sign Language 1000 about 25 years, added American Sign Language 1010 several years ago, and recently approved American Sign Language 2000 for the B.A. requirement.

In addition, ASL will also meet the non-native language requirement for the College’s Compass Curriculum, which is required for all students.