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Winners of 2013 Academic Awards, Student Life Awards Announced

May 7, 2013


Seniors at Millsaps College were recently recognized for their academic achievements during Awards Day. Scroll down for full list of winners.



The Student Life Awards Program (SLAP) is held at a formal reception each spring. Seniors are given the following awards:

Who's Who awards are given to graduating seniors with above average academic standing (GPA of 2.5 or above); evidence of broad participation and leadership on campus; citizenship and service to the College and the community; and  potential for future achievement.

The Hall of Fame award is the highest annual honor bestowed upon an individual student by the Division of Student Life and the Student Body Association. Four seniors were selected for this honor. The Hall of Fame recognizes an individual's overall excellence in: scholarship; leadership; participation in activities, organizations, and campus life; service to the Millsaps student body, College community and/or local community; and other notable achievements. The Hall of Fame at Millsaps College presentation is a component of the Senior Year Experience.

Scroll down for full list of winners.



2013 Academic Awards:


The following three awards recognize excellence in teaching and were based on the 2011-2012 divisional reviews.

Division of Arts and Humanities Excellence in Teaching Award

  • Robert S. McElvaine

Division of the Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award

  • Marlys T. Vaughn

Else School of Management Excellence in Teaching Award

  • M. Blakely F. Fender

Richard A. Smith Award for Excellence in Scholarship or Creative Work - This college-wide award recognizes a faculty member for scholarship or creative work completed or published during the 2011-2012 academic year that is a major contribution to the scholarly or creative community and has brought recognition to Millsaps College.

  • Yan Wang

W. Charles Sallis Award for Distinguished Service to the College - This college-wide award recognizes a faculty member for leadership in college service, governance, and academic programs during the 2011-2012 academic year without expectation of reward or recognition.

  • David H. Culpepper
  • Laura E. Franey


Presented by Dean David Davis


William D. Rowell Memorial Art Award - Presented to a senior art major for demonstrating a commitment to and growth in studio art over a four-year period

  • Suzanne Taylor Ashley Glemot

Art History Paper Award - Presented to the student who wrote the most outstanding art history paper during the previous academic year

  • Megan Elizabeth Starke


CAMWS Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies - Presented to the student who excels in an interdisciplinary classics curriculum

  • William James Napier IV

Magnolia Coullet Senior Classics Award - Presented to the classical studies major who has best demonstrated excellence in and love for the classics

  • Ramandeep Kaur

Swearingen Prize for Excellence in Introductory Latin - Presented to the student with the highest scholastic average in introductory Latin

  • Benjamin Ray Parva

Swearingen Prize for Excellence in Introductory Greek - Presented to the student with the highest scholastic average in introductory Greek

  • Jace Owen King

Swearingen Prize for Excellence in Classical Languages and Literature - Presented to the student with the highest scholastic average in advanced Greek and Latin reading courses

  • Catherine Ann Wilks

Paul D. Hardin Award in English - Presented to the outstanding senior English major

  • Emma Rose Spies
  • Erin Elizabeth Classen 

Robert H. Padgett Award in English - Presented to the student with the most outstanding work on the English comprehensives

  • Jessica Lee Muller

Irene Breland Award in English and Education - Presented to the outstanding English major who is also certified to teach English

  • John Martin Powers

Clark Essay Medal - Presented to senior English majors for the best essay written in an English class at Millsaps

  • Emma Rose Spies

Communications Studies Award - Presented to a graduating senior for the top senior paper in communications studies

  • Kirsten Elizabeth Clark


Ross H. Moore History Award - Presented to the outstanding senior history major

  • William Garrett Wilkerson


Albert Godfrey Sanders Award in French - Recognizes excellence in the French language and interest in French culture and civilization

  • Makenzie Rose DeVries

Pi Delta Phi Intermediate French Award - Recognizes excellence in Intermediate French

  • Faustin Mwambutsa
  • Jean-Leon Iragena

Albert Godfrey Sanders Award in Spanish - Recognizes excellence in the Spanish language and interest in Spanish culture and civilization

  • Alice Pauline Pieschel

Sigma Delta Pi Intermediate Spanish Award - Recognizes excellence in Intermediate Spanish

  • Cadden John Christie
  • John Virgil McCann
  • Kelsey Brooke Hall
  • Sara Nicole Sacks


Senior Music Award - Presented to the most outstanding senior music major

  • Jordan Ellington Hammons


Best Philosophical Writing Award - Presented to the student who wrote a particularly noteworthy paper in philosophy

  • Elias Michael Kerby


Excellence in Religious Studies Award - Presented to a senior Religious Studies major with an especially distinguished record of academic work and departmental leadership.

  • Chelsey Lynn Overstreet

Religious Studies Paper Award - Presented for distinguished writing in religious studies

  • Katherine Margaret Kay


Jim Lucas Endowed Scholarship - Presented for outstanding work in technical theatre

  • Amanda Jean Michaud


Henry and Katherine Bellamann Awards - Presented for particular distinction in the creative or performing arts

  • Creative Writing - Makenzie Rose DeVries
  • Music - Tiffany Renee Townsend
  • Theatre - James Raymond Adamoli,  Richard Taylor Quinn

Dora Lynch Hanley Award for Distinguished Writing - Awarded annually to honor excellence in writing

  • Genevieve Langley Santos


Presented by Dean Timothy Ward


Biology Department Award for Service - Presented for outstanding service to the department of biology

  • Neha Urmil Patel

Biology Research Award - Presented for outstanding performance in laboratory or field research

  • Austin Michael-Nathan Deskewies
  • Matthew Ryan Elliot

Tri-Beta Award - Presented for outstanding service to Beta Beta Beta, the biology honor

  • Aaron Schwartz
  • Austin Michael-Nathan Deskewies


Joseph B. Price General Chemistry Award - Presented annually to the students with the highest scholastic average in each section of general chemistry

  • Fabio Pie Ntagwabira
  • Gurjit Kaur
  • Hunter Warren McLendon
  • Tyler Thomas Stephens

Junior Analytical Chemistry Award - Awarded to the most outstanding junior enrolled in analytical chemistry

  • Faustin Mwambutsa

Chemistry Department Senior Research Award - Presented each year to the outstanding senior chemistry majors in the study of chemistry, research, and service to the department

  • Lauren Marie Hoth

Department of Chemistry Service Award - Presented to the chemistry student who has demonstrated leadership and service among his or her fellow students

  • Priya Pradipkumar Patel


Outstanding Scholarship Award - Presented to the senior receiving teacher certification with the highest cumulative scholastic average

  • Taylor Brittany Scyster

Mary Sue Enochs Lewis Award - Presented to a rising senior planning to enter the teaching profession who has demonstrated academic excellence and leadership

  • Kenya Kimball Strong Johnston

Excellence in Elementary Student Teaching

  • LeAnn Elizabeth Williams

Excellence in Secondary Student Teaching

  • Laura Rabalais Guidry


Wendell B. Johnson Memorial Award - Awarded to a junior geology major with an outstanding record of scholarship, research, and service

  • Catherine Elizabeth Henry

Richard R. Priddy Memorial Award - Presented to geology majors of demonstrated ability and scholastic achievement

  • Cody Mitchell Strack

Jennifer L. Sorrells Memorial Award - Awarded for outstanding achievement in geophysics

  • Joseph Thomas Hughes


Outstanding Freshman Mathematics Award - Presented to the outstanding freshman student of mathematics

  • Gunnar James Casey


College Physics Award - Presented to the student with the highest scholastic average  in college physics

  • Ryan Bennett Ruhr

General Physics Awards - Presented to the student with the highest scholastic average in general physics

  • Elizabeth Marie Gauntt
  • Tung Hoang


John F. Kennedy Award - Presented to the outstanding senior in political science demonstrating excellence in academics, personal integrity and commitment to the highest ideals of the public good in a democratic society

  • Joel Philip Mabry

Reid and Cynthia Bingham Awards - Presented to junior and senior scholars of distinction in political science

  • Senior - Joshua Dylan Watson
  • Junior - Miodrag (Misa) Pjevac


William James Award for Academic Excellence - Presented to the outstanding graduating senior majoring in psychology

  • Audrey Alexandra Sheppard

Mary Whiton Calkins Award for Outstanding Research in Psychology - Presented for excellence in psychological research

  • Kali Lucille Falnes
  • Treshika Monique Melvin

Gordon Allport Award for the Application of Psychology - Presented for outstanding involvement in the application of psychological science to the public interest

  • Audrey Alexandra Sheppard

Noam Chomsky Award in Psychology - Presented to the psychology student who excels beyond the classroom and demonstrates a true enthusiasm for the field, as well as a desire to pursue a career in which his/her studies of psychology will be applied

  • Sophie Mariel De Haan


Alpha Epsilon Delta Award - Presented annually to a member of the chapter in recognition of outstanding leadership and service to the pre-health community

  • Salvador Rafael Arceo

Chi Omega Social Science Award - Presented to the outstanding senior woman in the social sciences

  • Stevie Marie Cantrell


Presented by Dr. Blakely Fender


Mississippi Association of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship - Presented to an outstanding accounting major for the current academic year

  • John Thomas Newell

Mississippi Society of Certified Public Accountants Outstanding Senior Award - Presented to an outstanding senior majoring in accounting (based on the results of the comprehensive examinations in accounting)

  • Bryan Patrick Bell


Business Administration Faculty Excellence Award - Presented to business administration senior who scores highest on the field exam

  • Adam David Shepherd

Business Administration Comprehensive Exam Award - Presented to the business administration senior who scores highest on the written exam

  • Alexander Kirkland Lawson, Jr.


Richard B. Baltz Award - Presented to the outstanding student majoring in economics

  • Owen Llewellyn Phillips


Merrill Lynch Award for Excellence in Investments - Presented to outstanding undergraduate or graduate students for excellence in investments

  • Zachary Foreman Cunningham  (graduate student)

CFA Society of Mississippi Award for Excellence in Finance - Presented to outstanding undergraduate or graduate students for excellence in financial analysis

  • William Clinton Burch  (undergraduate)


Else School of Management Service Award - For outstanding service to the Else School in the area of Entrepreneurship

  • Kendall Danehower Gregory

Howard McMillan Award - Presented to an outstanding Else School undergraduate whose contributions to the Else School embody the diverse qualities displayed by Howard McMillan's numerous leadership roles throughout his career in corporate and community endeavors

  • Jennifer Angela Goebel

Senior Else Scholars - These scholarships are presented to seniors in the Else School of Management who have distinguished themselves academically

  • Alexander Kirkland Lawson, Jr.
  • Bryan Patrick Bell
  • Caitlyn Jean Dougherty
  • Katherine Grace Williams
  • Margaret Amanda Eggers
  • Nicholas Overall Lynch
  • Stevie Marie Cantrell


Presented by Dean Keith Dunn

Winston Churchill Award for Public Management and Administration - Presented annually to the student majoring in public management and administration whose career at Millsaps best exemplifies the ideals and accomplishments of Winston S. Churchill.

  • Stevie Marie Cantrell

Santiago Ramon y Cajal Research Award - Presented annually to the outstanding neuroscience and cognitive studies major for excellence in research

  • Ryan Lionel Clark


Presented by Dean Keith Dunn

Omicron Delta Kappa Awards - The society recognizes an outstanding freshman and woman each year who have shown early promise of outstanding leadership and service during their first year at Millsaps - students who are already modeling the ideals of ODK

  • Freshman Man of the Year: Kenneth Laurence Newburger
  • Freshman Woman of the Year: Alana Michelle Nardini

The society also elects a graduating senior each year who has exemplified the ideals of Omicron Delta Kappa throughout his or her college career.  The award was named in honor of long-standing faculty advisor Dr. Charles Sallis upon his retirement in 2000

  • W. Charles Sallis Leader of the Year: Alexander Kirkland Lawson, Jr.

Lewis and Reiff Awards - Presented annually to up to four seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to the life of the mind and the life of the spirit, with contributions to college, church and community

  • Douglas Raymond Kennedy
  • Chelsey Lynn Overstreet
  • Tiffany Renee Townsend

Bishop's Medal - Presented to the outstanding senior entering seminary and planning to pursue the pastoral ministry of the United Methodist Church

  • Chelsey Lynn Overstreet

Thomas G. Ross Award - Presented to an outstanding rising senior pre-medical student

  • Thomas Taylor Coleman

Janet Lynne Sims Award - Presented to the rising senior student with the most outstanding academic pre-medical record

  • Priya Pradipkumar Patel



Beta Gamma Sigma is the honor society for business programs accredited by AACSB International - the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International.  Membership is by invitation only and is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in an undergraduate business or master's program at a school accredited by AACSB International.


  • Kirk Keith Clark
  • Amanda Jean Michaud
  • Weston Myles Newman
  • Mitchell Wade Smith


  • Bryan Patrick Bell
  • Courtney Elise Sawyers

Graduate Students:

  • Richard Ewald Autrey
  • Jonathan Christopher Boggess
  • Lowry Christopher Lomax
  • Erin Keely Miller
  • James Russell Morrison
  • Mary Elizabeth O'Leary
  • Laura Dominigue Rafferty
  • Annette Fortman Vise
  • Samuel Clark Webb



Since 1988, Millsaps College has been home to Alpha of Mississippi, our state's original Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Election to Phi Beta Kappa, our nation's oldest and most prestigious honor society, is one of the highest honors an undergraduate can attain. For the society's 246 chapters represent academic excellence at the finest institutions of higher education in the United States. The particular interest of Phi Beta Kappa is in "liberal education," which it defines as "liberal because it emancipates;" liberal because "it signifies freedom from the tyranny of ignorance, and from what is worse, the dominion of folly." And "to the students who have turned aside from easier paths, and by their talent and fidelity have proved themselves to be worthy, it gives the fitting recognition of its special distinction," which is recognized worldwide.

  • Stevie Marie Cantrell
  • Nicholas Paul Cortese
  • Lauren Marie Hoth
  • Joel Philip Mabry
  • Jessica Lee Muller
  • Alice Pauline Pieschel
  • Kristin Marie Salmon
  • Audrey Alexandra Sheppard
  • Norman Taylor Parks
  • Olivia Lane Tillner
  • Katherine Grace Williams 



2013 SLAP Awards:


  • MAP of the Year - Alex Lawson
  • Newbie of the Year - Zachary Oren Smith
  • Senior MAPS - Erin Classen, Taylor Parks, Alex Lawson, Sophie De Haan, Stevie Cantrell, and Jennifer Goebel

International Student Programs

  • Recognition of MIBS - Alex Lawson, Faustin Mwambusta, Tung Hoang, Lily Zhou, LeAnn Williams, Sophia Crooks, Lane Tillner, Dorothea Staursky, Allie Mills, Ramandeep Kaur, Michael Abramovich, James Michael Bell, Madeline Rardin, and Michelle Wheeler
  • Outstanding MIBS Recognition of Excellence Award - James Michael Bell, Alex Lawson, and Michelle Wheeler
  • MIBS Award for Outstanding Senior - Michael Abramovich
  • International Freshman Student of the Year - Lizhuo Ai


  • School Spirit Award - Lauren Barattini

Foundations Program

  • Foundations Director of the Year - Tim Gillis
  • Foundations Team of the Year - Ginny Sanborn and Ghali Haddad

Residence Life

  • Residence Hall Director of the Year - Jennifer Goebel and Katie Wilson
  • Outstanding RA of the Year - Michala Sullivan

Transfer Student Award

  • Ars Ducendi Emerio Award - Kasey Laird

Student Body Association

  • SBA Leader of the Year - Alex Lawson
  • Senator of the Year - Kasey Laird

Greek Life Awards

  • Excellence in Risk Management - Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Public Relations Award - Kappa Delta
  • Best Philanthropy Event - Chili Bowl, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Most Community Service Hours - Phi Mu
  • Highest Overall Chapter GPA - Chi Omega
  • Panhellenic Book Scholarship Award - Kara Sowell, Kappa Delta
  • Greek Week Winners - Phi Mu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Sorority Model Initiate - Katherine Bowler, Kappa Delta
  • Fraternity Model Initiate - C.J. Black, Kappa Sigma
  • Unsung Greek Leader - Hannah Enloe, Phi Mu and Jake Sherrington, Kappa Alpha
  • Outstanding Chapter Advisor - Daniel Honeycutt, Kappa Alpha
  • Outstanding Faculty Advisor - Damon Campbell, Kappa Alpha
  • Outstanding Chapter President - Andrew Marion, Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Sorority Woman of the Year - Stevie Cantrell, Kappa Delta
  • Fraternity Man of the Year - Kendall Gregory, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Outstanding Chapters of the Year - Phi Mu and Lambda Chi Alpha

Millsaps Staff Service Awards: The MAJORS

  • Jim Montgomery Award - Andy Till
  • John Christmas Award - John Thomas
  • Jack Woodward Award - Tonya Nations

Ed King Leader of Values and Ethics (L.O.V.E.) Award

  • Sara Del Castillo

Souls Afire

  • Sara Del Castillo
  • Taylor Parks
  • Raven Scott
  • Lily Womble

Most Distinguished Man & Woman

  • Alex Lawson & Katie Wilson


2013 Who's Who:

  • Katie Wilson
  • Taylor Scyster
  • Alexander Lawson
  • Kendall Gregory
  • Allie Jordan
  • Jennifer Goebel
  • Kelsey Worch
  • Kevin Wall
  • Chelsey Overstreet
  • Katie Greer
  • Tiara Willis
  • Stevie Cantrell
  • Katherine Grace Williams
  • Austin Deskewies
  • Jessica Muller
  • Suzanne Glemot
  • Sophie De Haan
  • Taylor Parks
  • Tim Gillis
  • Raven Scott
  • Hannah Enloe
  • Kirsten Clark
  • Michael Abramovich
  • Kasey Laird
  • Lauren Hoth
  • Margaret Eggers
  • Caitlyn Dougherty
  • Audrey Sheppard
  • Andrew Marion
  • Elizabeth Sigafoose
  • Garrett Wilkerson
  • Jeremy McLemore
  • Rafael Arceo
  • Treshika Melvin
  • Alexandria Toth
  • Douglas Kennedy
  • Susan Harmon
  • Nicholas Cortese
  • Megan Yglesias
  • Jacob Sherrington


2013 Hall of Fame:

  • Austin M. Deskewies
  • Jennifer A. Goebel
  • Raven M. Scott
  • Katherine "Katie" L. Wilson