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Alma Mater

The first Millsaps Alma Mater was written in 1907, by Dr. James Ailed Wamsley, who was the professor of history and economics. The words were sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean."

The words to the first Alma Mater were as follows:

"All over the land of the cotton,
And down where the magnolias stand,
The fame of our dear Alma Mater,
Is ringing far over the land.

Millsaps, Millsaps
Millsaps College for me, for me.
Millsaps, Millsaps
Millsaps College for me.

Her hall where our memories linger,
The friendships there made long ago,
The purple and white of our banner,
Are cherished wherever we go.

And when in the years of the future,
Fond memory turns to the past,
The days that we spent at old Millsaps,
Will yet be the brightest at last."

The second Alma Mater was written about 1914. As the story goes, a Millsaps graduate was visiting on the University of Missouri campus where he heard their Alma Mater. He was so impressed by it that when he came back to Millsaps he sat down with his copy of the University of Missouri Alma Mater,and substituted "Millsaps" in the place where "University of Missouri"appeared. This new version was presented to the student body and adopted.

The second Alma Mater is still used today with some minor modifications made in 1985. "Loyal ones" in the second line of the first verse replaced "Loyal sons"; and "man and woman" in the first line of the second verse replaced "man and maiden". The current Alma Mater is as follows:

"Alma Mater, dear old Millsaps,
Loyal ones are we.
Our fond hearts are thine alone
And evermore shall be.

Proud art thou, in classic beauty,
Of thy noble past.
With thy watchword Honor, Duty,
Thy high fame shall last.

Every student, man and woman,
Swell the glad refrain,
Till the breezes, music-laden,
Waft it back again."

The Purple and White, October 8, 1942, p.5.