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Honorary Degree Recipients


In a tradition starting at the 1917 Commencement Ceremony, Millsaps College confers honorary degrees upon individuals who have been influential in their respective fields or have made significant contributions to society.



Roger Mudd - Doctor of Humane Letters
Lovett H. Weems Jr. - Doctor of Divinity
Elise Varner Winter - Doctor of Public Service
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The Rev. R. Edwin King - Doctor of Divinity
Dr. Aaron Shirley - Doctor of Public Service
Ms. Seetha Srinivasan - Doctor of Humane Letters
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Robert Parker Adams
Judge Neal Brooks Biggers Jr.
Elaine Gradinger Crystal
Charles L. Overby
Bishop Hope Morgan Ward
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Rodney J. Bartlett - Doctor of Science
Robert H. Dunlap - Doctor of Public Service
Larry M. Goodpaster - Doctor of Divinity
Richard C. Miller - Doctor of Science
Leontyne Price - Doctor of Arts


Fred Banks, Jr. - Doctor of Laws
Christy Gilliland Dunaway - Doctor of Public Service
Rt. Rev. Duncan Gray, Jr. - Doctor of Divinity
Sister Mary Dorothea Sondgeroth - Doctor of Public Service


Marian Wright Edelman - Doctor of Public Service
Charles Thomas Fingar - Doctor of Public Service
Hugh Gaston Hall - Doctor of Humane Letters
Rowan Hurt Taylor - Doctor of Public Service


2007 - 2008
Martha Bergmark - Doctor of Public Service
Greg Iles - Doctor of Humane Letters
Leslie B. McLemore - Doctor of Public Service
John Stone - Doctor of Humane Letters


Helen B. Barnes, M.D. - Doctor of Science
John D. Bower, M.D. - Doctor of Public Service
The Reverend Ross Olivier - Doctor of Public Service
Joe Frank Sanderson, Jr. - Doctor of Laws


Randall Pinkston - Doctor of Humane Letters
Satnam L. Sethi - Doctor of Laws
Rev. Keith Tonkel - Doctor of Divinity
Leila Clark Wynn - Doctor of Public Service


Thad Cochran - Doctor of Laws
Milton Babbitt - Doctor of Arts
Howard L. McMillan, Jr. - Doctor of Laws
Kathryn Loeb Wiener - Doctor of Public Service


John N. Palmer - Doctor of Laws
Wallace Conerly - Doctor of Science
Bishop Kenneth Carder - Doctor of Divinity
Hugh B. Landrum Jr. - Doctor of Laws
Myrlie Evers-Williams - Doctor of Public Service


James Barksdale - Doctor of Laws
Sally McDonnell Barksdale - Doctor of Public Service
Turner Cassity - Doctor of Humane Letters


Rev. Will Davis Campbell - Doctor of Humane Letters
Justice James E. Graves, Jr. - Doctor of Laws
Chief Phillip Martin - Doctor of Laws
Cassandra Wilson - Doctor of Arts


Reuben V. Anderson - Doctor of Laws
Corinne Claiborne ALindy@ Boggs - Doctor of Laws
Warren Eugene Pittman - Doctor of Divinity
Cokie Roberts - Doctor of Humane Letters


Edward L. Moyers - Doctor of Laws
Samuel Jones - Doctor of Humane Letters
Paul Piper, Sr. - Doctor of Laws
Marshall L. Meadors - Doctor of Humane Letters
Jean C. Lindsey - Doctor of Humane Letters (Posthumously)


William R. Ferris - Doctor of Humane Letters
John Hope Franklin - Doctor of Humane Letters
Mary D. Garrard - Doctor of Humane Letters
Mundell Lowe - Doctor of Arts


Hodding Carter III - Doctor of Humane Letters
George M. Miller - Doctor of Laws
James Daniel Hardy - Doctor of Science


Robert W. Pittman - Doctor of Arts
Roland L. Freeman - Doctor of Humane Letters


Arthur C. Guyton - Doctor of Science
Stuart C. Irby, Jr. - Doctor of Letters
Frank H. T. Rhodes - Doctor of Science


Charles Bertram Felder - Doctor of Divinity
Elizabeth Becker Henley - Doctor of Letters
Jeremiah Henry Holleman, Sr. - Doctor of Science
William J. Raspberry - Doctor of Humane Letters


Donald E. Petersen - Doctor of Laws
Mary Ann McDonald Swenson - Doctor of Divinity


Margaret Walker Alexander - Doctor of Letters
James Boyd Campbell - Doctor of Public Service (Posthumous)
John L. Clendenin - Doctor of Laws
Shelby Foote - Doctor of Humane Letters
Leslie B. Lampton - Doctor of Science


Robert C. Morgan - Doctor of Divinity
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese - Doctor of Letters
Merrill Odom Hines - Doctor of Sciences


Robert H. Atwell - Doctor of Laws
Gwin J. Kolb - Doctor of Humane Letters
Hyman F. McCarty, Jr. - Doctor of Laws
Richard D. McRae - Doctor of Public Service


Charlotte Capers - Doctor of Letters
Thalia Mara - Doctor of Arts
Robert A. Mosbacher - Doctor of Laws
George B. Pickett - Doctor of Public Service
Richard H. Truly - Doctor of Science


Joseph W. Carroll - Doctor of Divinity
John W. Chandler - Doctor of Laws
LeRoy Percy - Doctor of Letters
Sister Josephine Therese - Doctor of Humane Letters


Betty Werlein Carter - Doctor of Humane Letters
Charles W. Else - Doctor of Laws
Eloise T. Else - Doctor of Letters
William R. Hendee - Doctor of Science
James T. Laney, Jr. - Doctor of Humane Letters


This list will continue to grow to include all Honorary Degree Recipients.