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Spring 2015 Great Topics Seminars: “Sacred Paths: Modern Explorations in the Worlds of Religions”

Great Topics Seminar - James Bowley


James E. Bowley is Professor and Chair of Religious Studies at Millsaps, where he gets to teach about the most fascinating things on the planet and gets to spend time with the most interesting students, including those in his “World Religions and How to Study Them” class that he has taught for many years.

He first started studying various religions in college and then took the plunge into ancient Mesopotamian and Mediterranean religions in graduate schools in Jerusalem and Cincinnati. He earned his Ph.D. from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. As a scholar he has published numerous articles and books, many about the Dead Sea Scrolls and ancient Judaism, including Introduction to Hebrew Bible: A Guided Tour of Israel’s Sacred Library. He is a leader of a 20+ year project, producing the massive Dead Sea Scroll Concordance, a tool that will be used internationally by scholars for generations to come.

Bowley serves on the board of Interfaith Dialog and writes and speaks about the world of religions regularly. He mostly thinks of himself as a student, a student who gets paid! A student who has a class presentation in every class, every day. He looks forward to exploring the wonderful worlds of religions in Great Topics 2015.


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