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Who Should Attend and What to Expect

Spring 2015 Great Topics Seminar: “Sacred Paths: Modern Explorations in the Worlds of Religions”

 Great Topics Seminars have been a rich experience for -

  • Lifelong learners who value serious intellectual stimulation
  • Community volunteers and activists
  • Professionals in public and private schools and foundations
  • Those who affect public opinion in their communities
  • Members of the legal, medical and other professions
  • Administrators in governments at the local, state, and federal levels

More than 320 leaders have participated in our seminars since they were established in 1988.

The seminars provide opportunities for serious engagement with intellectual issues affecting society and the individual.

Participants are encouraged through collaborative learning techniques to develop a greater capacity for analysis and synthesis of ideas, critical thinking, oral and written communication, and appreciation for the values inherent in our institutions and practices, including historical and literature components.

The seminars require extensive reading and writing assignments of all participants.


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