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For Faculty and Staff

Millsaps College offers part-time on and off campus work opportunities for students. Please register on College Central in order to apply for a job or to place a job posting. For further information, please see resources provided below.

Student Definitions

Returning Applicant:

Defined as a student who is returning in the new fiscal year to the same position held in the previous fiscal year.

How do they apply?

They do not. Their supervisor submits a hiring form to HR as soon as they know the student is returning.

Pre-chosen Applicant:

Defined as a student who has been chosen for hire by the supervisor for a position not previously held in any fiscal year.

How do they apply?
  • Apply with an abbreviated online application, bypassing College Central.
  • The application is submitted to Career Ed.
  • Career Ed contacts Financial Aid and Financial Aid reports the student’s federal aid status.
  • Career Ed sends the application and federal aid status to the supervisor.
  • Their supervisor submits a hiring form to HR.
  • The supervisor is then cleared to hire.

New Applicant:

Defined as a student who has not been hired in advance and is seeking to apply to open positions on campus.

How do they apply?

Please see this section regarding the application process.

On-Campus Employment FAQ

+ When will my job be online and active?

After a job posting is created, the Center for Career Education will process the posting and send it for further review to the Business Office. Once approved by the Business Office, the job is online and active.

+ How do I know what the current status of my job posting is?

  • Supervisors will have to log in to their employer account on College Central and click on Post, Edit, Repost or Expire Job Postings. It will display the current status above the posted job.

+ Who has applied to my job opening?

  • Supervisors are able to see how often their job posting has been viewed, not who has applied. If a supervisor would like to know who submitted an application, please send an email to

+ When are applications processed?

The Center for Career Education collects applications until a job is expired. Generally speaking, applications are not processed before the expiration date. However, if there is an urgent need for students, a supervisor can make a special request to get applications processed before the expiration date is up. These requests should be sent to

+ Who am I allowed to hire?

Supervisors are only allowed to hire students who have turned in a student application form and are listed in the email from the Center for Career Education to the supervisor.

+ Must I get permission to repost a job after it has been approved for the academic year?

No, you simply log in to your account and click the pushpin icon to the right of the job you wish to repost. NOTE: Even though it the same job, the system will assign a new job number after the repost.

+ What do I need to do with hiring forms?

Once your application is complete, it will be forwarded to the hiring supervisor. All tax and direct deposit documents will be submitted to the Human Resources department located in AC 101.

Video Tutorial

You can also watch a video explaining the process step by step: