Event Scheduling

General Information

Event SchedulingThe Office of Events & Scheduling is located in the Boyd Campbell College Center. It is responsible for the scheduling of all spaces on campus for both external and internal groups. It also oversees all summer camps and conferences.

Questions or Changes to an Existing Event

If you have questions or need to make changes to existing events, please contact the Office of Events & Scheduling at eventscheduling@millsaps.edu or 601.974.1040.


Request a Space

Note: All external groups must complete an application before reservations can be confirmed. Email eventscheduling@millsaps.edu to request an application.

Online Requests

Reservation requests can be made by accessing our reservations program below. Virtual EMS is the primary source for your event booking needs. It allows you to browse the facilities, browse for space, check out other events taking place and request a reservation.

Log in and fill out the online reservation form:

If you currently do not have an account set up online, register for an account.

Once registration has been completed click "Reservations," then "Make a Request."

If you have problems setting up your account or requesting a space, please consult our helpful guides below.

  • Account creation guide (PDF)—These instructions will teach you how to initially create your EMS Account.
  • Account log in/log out guide (PDF)—These instructions will teach you how to log in and out of your account each time you use the software.
  • Requesting space guide (PDF)—These instructions will teach you how to use the software to request a space on campus.

Requests via Email

Requests can be made via email at eventscheduling@millsaps.edu. Please allow at least 72 hours for a response. Additionally, please be sure to provide the following information when requesting a space via email:

CONTACT INFORMATION: (please include an email and phone number)
SETUPS: (if any; also please indicate if A/V support is needed)
*Please note that certain locations require confirmation or approval from another department and may delay return correspondence time.* 

Note to students: You must be part of a registered student organization to make a reservation and to qualify for the student organization rate.


A/V Technician Request Form


Rates and Services

The Office of Event Scheduling, with approval from the Cabinet, has instituted the following rate levels for internal and external constituents. If you have questions about which level your group would fall into, please contact the Office of Event Scheduling at eventscheduling@millsaps.edu or by phone at 601.974.1040


  • Level 1 Charge (100% of standard use fee): Outside Groups* (groups that have no particular relationship to Millsaps)
  • Level 2 Charge (75% of standard use fee): Not-For-Profit Outside Groups*
  • Level 3 Charge (50% of standard use fee): Academic and Social Service Professional Organizations whose meetings are initiated by college personnel
  • Level 4 Charge (25% of standard use fee): College Events that directly relate to College activities and require facilities management assistance; also includes College events sponsored by Registered Student Organizations
  • Level 5 Charge (Service-Only Fee): includes fees for facilities management, AV technician, lighting technician, etc.

* All external groups must complete an Application for Use of Facilities (PDF) before a reservation can be confirmed.
** Registered Student Organizations who sponsor outside groups or book more than three rooms for an event will be charged Level 3 charges.


Room Rates

Room rates are currently under review. Email eventscheduling@millsaps.edu or call 601.974.1040 for up-to-date rates.


Using A/V Technicians

Please note that you will be charged a technician fee anytime you reserve a space during the academic year that requires an A/V technician for sound, lights, or presentations. A minimum of one hour will be charged, but the A/V Tech must be paid for all of the time that you use. The standard campus community cost for an A/V Tech is $12/hour. During very busy times such as Men's and Women's Recruitment, Welcome Week, Major Madness, Homecoming, etc., the costs rises to $20/hour.

Note: Last minute requests (36 hours or less) for an A/V Technician may result in a service charge of $20/hour. Rates for external groups vary. Summer rates are different for all groups.