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Student Senate

Student Body Association


The Student Senate exercises legislative power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students; it is the Legislature of Millsaps College, developing and sponsoring legislation for the betterment of the College. The Senate shall serve as spokesman for the Student Body Association on all matters of student concern.

The SBA is at its best only when we all get involved. Senate meetings are open to all students, Mondays at 9:15 p.m. in the Senate Chambers, Murrah Hall 204. 


Senators are elected at the beginning of the Fall semester. Senators serve for the duration of the school year; open seats are filled from appointments, by the President, and by a second election held in the second semester.

Senators represent the following constituencies: Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, Senior Class, Greek Student, Non-Greek Student, NCAA Student Athlete.


Nicolas Baker

Shamia Hopper

Mason Shrader

Bailey Smith



Noah Barbieri

Ariel Decoteau

Pujan Patel

Nigel Stinson



Cherilyn Cabanero

Tasha McGuire

Leah Travis

Sarah Wade



Daniel Kees

Ken Newburger

Lizhuo Ai

Ryan Henry